Vevida is an Internet service provider offering services in the areas of (web) hosting, domain registration and email since 1997. We have branch offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Our headquarters are located in Groningen in the Netherlands, and our data centre is in Groningen. With a team of around 20 employees, we serve over 35,000 personal and corporate customers and have expanded into one of the biggest, most secure and most customer-friendly hosting companies in the Benelux region.

We are an independent and financially sound company. Vevida has an informal business culture with short lines of communication. We place a great deal of emphasis of the personal and professional growth of our employees. We hold in-house and outside training sessions on a regular basis. But we’re also crazy about taking excursions and getting together for drinks or a poker night. Taking pleasure in your work is something we feel strongly about; and a sense of humour is a must if you want to join forces with our team.

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‘Worry-free hosting’ is our mission. We do everything we can to take the maximum amount of website and email-related worries off of our customers’ hands. We are always on the lookout for new team members. You will find the current job vacancies below, but of course you are always welcome to submit an open application for a different position, or inquire about an internship. But whatever you do, be sure to clearly state why you would make a good addition to our team.

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Are you ready to get started? If so, feel free to send your CV and letter of introduction to:

Why Vevida?

Choosing Vevida means choosing certainty, security and exceptional customer service.

We have an incentive to do the best we can, because you can transfer your unique domain name to another service provider at any time if you are unhappy with our services. We are certain that the superior quality of our products and service will never make you even consider this option.