“High quality products”

Soluso e-solutions is a full-service internet agency based in Nijmegen. Hosting is the foundation of almost every project that we work on. We develop our websites and web applications in the reliable and powerful Microsoft .NET platform. For us, security and stability are absolute requirements for a hosting partner.

Since our establishment in 2006, VEVIDA has provided us with a secure and stable hosting solution on the Microsoft Windows platform. In the past few years, we have built a close relationship with VEVIDA. Working with VEVIDA means joining forces to improve our services. This allows us to continue to offer high quality products!

Jean-Pierre de Rooij | co-owner of Soluso

“An important link in our success”

Timbers has been registering domains for its customers with VEVIDA for almost 9 years. We have been extremely satisfied with our collaboration and with VEVIDA’s products all this time. Timbers creates websites and web applications.

Without wanting to put the technology first, the quality of the technology behind our products is tremendously important. We know from experience that the quality of web hosting by VEVIDA is very high. This applies to both the up-time and the speed of the servers, which are, moreover, very amply provided with technical products. As an internet service provider, this allows us to offer our services to all our (potential) customers. We also find VEVIDA products to be very affordable for the small and medium-sized businesses and other organizations that Timbers works for. We have been able to limit the hosting costs for many customers, and sometimes we can also provide other savings or improvements. The internet is an environment that is active 24/7. Our collaboration with VEVIDA allows us to offer our services continuously. VEVIDA has a very user-friendly web application with which we can handle most of our customers’ requests. The helpdesk is available as a safety net, which is quickly accessible and provides support with advice and assistance. The internet continues to develop.

VEVIDA always has the latest improvements that are available on the internet. New product updates are installed very frequently. That means that we can offer our customers the most up-to-date products. The success of our customers is our success! In this, VEVIDA is an important link for us.

Ruud Snelleman | co-owner of Timbers