“Really customer-friendly”

The accessibility of VEVIDA is excellent. The telephone is answered by an expert within 10 seconds. So far there have been no exceptions. The person is competent, very friendly and helpful, highly patient, even when you don’t understand. Then it is just explained again in other words. And emails are answered within half an hour or less. I wish everyone was as customer-friendly as this.

Roy van de Geer | VitaalTotaal

“A company we can rely on”

“We have been a customer of VEVIDA for many years, and I would now like to thank your whole team for the good collaboration. We are very satisfied with the services provided, the quality of support and the personal service. This all comes at very competitive and affordable prices.

Regarding uptime, VEVIDA is one of the better providers that we have worked with. Rapid action and intervention is done when necessary. In short, this is a company we can rely on!”

Bart Kennes | Verdographics

“Fast reaction to my tweet”

Before I could call customer service, they called me because they had seen that I had twittered something about my problem. #wow

Job de Wit

“Proactive and reliable”

Over the years, VEVIDA has more than proven itself as a reliable partner when it comes to hosting. What is really unprecedented is VEVIDA’s proactive attitude: not only by announcing maintenance work on time, but also by making suggestions if it is more advantageous for the customer. Other companies could take an example from this!

Wai Chiu | Agentschap NL

“Easily accessible and very skilled”

‘The customer service of VEVIDA is easily accessible and is very capable. They help quickly and accurately. Recently I had a problem that went a little bit further than the service that Vevida is supposed to provide. Even then they were willing to help me resolve the problem. All I can say is that I am very satisfied, they are a quality provider!’

Boheemen Netwerkpublishing

“Corporate responsibility”

FairMail Cards has been a customer with VEVIDA Nederland since 2006. In the past few years, we have seen the service become increasingly professionalised. As a customer, you can now easily manage all kinds of things yourself online. Any questions or complaints can also be reported online, after which their processing can be tracked.

What also appeals to us about VEVIDA is that they work with the same values as FairMail by taking their corporate responsibility seriously. Like FairMail, VEVIDA is a member of MVO Nederland (the Dutch corporate social responsibility organization).

For any questions, you can contact me

Peter den Hond | Director of FairMail Cards

“Vevida listens to the customer”

Over 6 years ago, our company Global Vision became a client/partner at VEVIDA, a hosting company that I have seen grow over the years. Over the years VEVIDA has taken the trouble of listening to its customers. The result of this is that VEVIDA recently implemented an update on its packages that many hosting companies can only dream of.

As a web design company, a solid web hosting partner combined with good support, 99% uptime and the ability to respond quickly to our customers is very important!

Communication with the customer service is fast and efficient, and most of all we appreciate the regular contact with our personal account manager Günther Himschoot, the right contact person in the right place to deal with problems when necessary.

Reginald LYCKE | GlobalVision.be

“Vevida allows my hosting package to grow”

I was recently looking for a hosting package for a new website project that allows customers to create a protected website themselves with user and document management. For that project, I needed a hosting package that offered enough web space, but that could also be expanded as more customers took part in the project.

I had a few alternatives for the hosting, including One.com and Combell, but it quickly became apparent that I could find everything I was looking for with Vevida. Sub-domains for the different customer websites, extensive (and easily expandable) web space and, very importantly, a high-performance MySQL database and seamless integration of Drupal in the web space.

The growth of the website is also supported: Vevida allows my hosting package to grow along with my project. If I need more web space, or if I need a separate MySQL server, I can go to them.

Ruben America | Innovedia

“They take the trouble of explaining very clearly”

I have been a VEVIDA customer since the beginning of 2002 and over the years I have had all my sites hosted there. Whether you are a small or large customer, it doesn’t matter to them. You are very nicely (and quickly) helped, and whatever your problem or question, they don’t rest until it has been solved. Fortunately I have had very few problems, but when it did happen it was resolved very quickly. If I would have to give a grade, it would be a really generous 9 out of 10. I also believe that all of Vevida’s employees are very competent.

That is a huge bonus, because no matter how inexperienced you are, they take the trouble of explaining very clearly, whatever your question. Top notch! I have felt highly satisfied through all these years and that is worth a lot to me! I will definitely stay their customer! Great work “lads”!!


“Stable connection, no fuss”

The only provider in the world of online services where the telephone is simply answered when you call them. And where you are also helped immediately and effectively. Full marks. Stable connection, no fuss.

Ramon Lips | Stamlijn.nl