“Solid group always easily accessible”

Very good experiences, no problems, always easily accessible, they do their work quietly and without problems. Solid group, I’m very satisfied

Jan Peters | janans.nl

“friendly and fast”

Very good experiences with the web hosting and very good customer service: friendly and fast

Rudi, Wervelwindensemble.nl

“A real breath of fresh air”

At VEVIDA they are very customer-friendly, they communicate clearly and they always respond quickly. Many other companies could take an example from this. A real breath of fresh air when many other companies are mainly busy navel-gazing so that they completely forget the customer.

Suzan | Kuijstencommunicatie

“Perfect service and reliability”

No doubt, great! The combination of website base price (Microsoft, so asp.net) is absolutely cheap. Perfect service and reliability!

“Quickly and effectively”

Good, solid provider. Helpdesk reacts quickly and effectively. They give understandable answers to difficult questions. Great hosting package for low cost.

“A 9.5, because I never give a 10”

Been a client of VEVIDA over 8 years. 3 years ago I went out on my own and kept VEVIDA as a hosting provider. Of all the service providers that I have had over the years, this company comes out on top. The price-quality ratio is excellent. You will not find telephone contact with your provider for 5 euros per month in any sector of the business market. They also pick up right away instead of waiting on hold for 10 minutes. This company gets a 9.5 from me because I never give a 10. There is always room for improvement, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you how right now.

Scott | Vekto.nl

“Price/quality is unsurpassed”

I have had a basic package for some time. Always works, good and fast. I can signal problems by telephone or by email and they are always quickly and expertly handled. No inane helpdesk people, but employees who know what they are talking about. Price/quality is unsurpassed. Also for business use.

Jan Oomen | imagun.nl

“A very valuable relationship”

I have been a VEVIDA customer for several years, both for my own hosting and also as a reseller for my customers. As you can see from the stars, I am very satisfied with VEVIDA.

The price/quality ratio, the reliability and the customer service are excellent. Questions and (rare) problems are quickly and effectively addressed by expert employees.

I am currently dealing with a minor missing functionality and I asked a question about it. The account manager called me back personally and we had a very pleasant conversation in which he asked about my experiences and wishes and told me about future plans (the missing functionality will become available over time). He even offered to come for a cup of coffee when he is in the area again (from Groningen). In short, a very valuable relationship!

Bas Papen | ixiondesign.nl

“Really customer-friendly”

The accessibility of VEVIDA is excellent. The telephone is answered by an expert within 10 seconds. So far there have been no exceptions. The person is competent, very friendly and helpful, highly patient, even when you don’t understand. Then it is just explained again in other words. And emails are answered within half an hour or less. I wish everyone was as customer-friendly as this.

Roy van de Geer | VitaalTotaal