“Vevida, What a relief to work with”

DG Graphic Design has worked with VEVIDA for many years now, and there’s a reason for it. As a design and consulting firm we deal with all kinds of hosting companies, and the differences are huge. In terms of price, hosting options, expertise, service and accessibility. What a relief to work with VEVIDA! Scoring well all round, their greatest USP in our view is that when you call them, you get a real person on the line, a technically trained person who actually knows what he is talking about.

DG Graphic Design | Ingelise de Jongste

“Vevida innovates en relieves”

VWA has been a partner with VEVIDA for over 9 years. What VWA has particularly appreciated all these years are the short communication lines. If you need help, you get it, and VEVIDA doesn’t shy away from looking outside the box to see what is possible. VEVIDA’s prices are in line with the market.


VEVIDA and corporate responsibility
At VWA we strongly believe in corporate social responsibility and were very happy to discover that Vevida absolutely listens to our wishes in that area, even though this involves extra costs for them. VWA considers this as an extra quality to communicate to our customers. We now have green hosting with VEVIDA.

Innovation and hosting without worries
VEVIDA relieves VWA’s worries in the area of domain name registration and website hosting. VWA also has a dedicated server with Vevida. Once again, hosting without worries was very appealing to us. Hosting without worries means that VWA can focus 100% on its own services, and VEVIDA plays an important role in this as a partner. Price is then a less relevant item in the total solution for the end user. Vevida responds to this very well, without forgetting that the price-quality ratio always has to be at the right level.

VEVIDA and the future
VWA simply assumes that the partnership between the two companies will continue in the future. Vevida innovates and keeps up with the times. We have noticed this in clearer communication (via Twitter, newsletters, etc) with regard to hosting updates, but also in the expansion of the hosting package. Take the new backup option for example.

In short, VWA is a satisfied VEVIDA customer. Would you like to know more about why? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: info@vwa.nu

Dirk Visser | VWA director of software, marketing & design

“Easily accessible and very skilled”

‘The customer service of VEVIDA is easily accessible and is very capable. They help quickly and accurately. Recently I had a problem that went a little bit further than the service that Vevida is supposed to provide. Even then they were willing to help me resolve the problem. All I can say is that I am very satisfied, they are a quality provider!’

Boheemen Netwerkpublishing

“Vevida listens to the customer”

Over 6 years ago, our company Global Vision became a client/partner at VEVIDA, a hosting company that I have seen grow over the years. Over the years VEVIDA has taken the trouble of listening to its customers. The result of this is that VEVIDA recently implemented an update on its packages that many hosting companies can only dream of.

As a web design company, a solid web hosting partner combined with good support, 99% uptime and the ability to respond quickly to our customers is very important!

Communication with the customer service is fast and efficient, and most of all we appreciate the regular contact with our personal account manager Günther Himschoot, the right contact person in the right place to deal with problems when necessary.

Reginald LYCKE | GlobalVision.be

“Practical solutions are invaluable”

As a new player on the web design market, JV Webdesign was primarily looking for reliable, professional business partners. The most important one in our industry is undoubtedly the hosting partner. This path turned out to be long and painful with hard lessons learned along the way. Fortunately, there was light at the end of the tunnel when we met Günther Himschoot from VEVIDA.

The professional approach by concretely helping to come up with solutions for us quickly made it clear that we had found the right partner. Everything that happened in the next 10 years only made that clearer. The account manager provides perfect follow-up and intervention for our questions. They listened to suggestions and we never had to wait long for the solutions.

Finding a partner that not only helps with ideas but that also comes up with practical solutions is invaluable in the world of web design. In addition, we have found the systems at Vevida to be of the highest quality, considering that I have never had so little downtime with any previous partner. Every Wednesday, we are briefed of the updates that are being performed on the server, which just underlines that the people at VEVIDA take their business seriously and solve problems by preventing them in the first place.

Keep it up, VEVIDA.

Jeroen Verkarre | Managing Director JV Webdesign

“A perfect match”

For DotControl, Vevida has been our fixed partner since 2001 for hosting and domain registration. The typical Groningen no-nonsense mentality in combination with the high level of service and good product quality make VEVIDA a perfect match for DotControl with regard to hosting.

For us, VEVIDA more than delivers on its promise to provide “Hosting without worries”. No difficult maintenance and service contract or a helpdesk with a tedious ticket system. Just servers that provide stable and good performance and a helpdesk that actually provides fast and effective help.

When we started with VEVIDA in 2001, it was only for a small number of domains and hosting packages. Now, VEVIDA provides us with managed dedicated hosting and the VEVIDA Partner Programme makes it possible for us to continue to provide our customers with the same personal attention as in 2001. The Vevida Partner Programme clearly proves that VEVIDA thinks and grows together with you.

Mark Landman | Commercial Director, DotControl Webbased Solutions B.V.

“An important link in our success”

Timbers has been registering domains for its customers with VEVIDA for almost 9 years. We have been extremely satisfied with our collaboration and with VEVIDA’s products all this time. Timbers creates websites and web applications.

Without wanting to put the technology first, the quality of the technology behind our products is tremendously important. We know from experience that the quality of web hosting by VEVIDA is very high. This applies to both the up-time and the speed of the servers, which are, moreover, very amply provided with technical products. As an internet service provider, this allows us to offer our services to all our (potential) customers. We also find VEVIDA products to be very affordable for the small and medium-sized businesses and other organizations that Timbers works for. We have been able to limit the hosting costs for many customers, and sometimes we can also provide other savings or improvements. The internet is an environment that is active 24/7. Our collaboration with VEVIDA allows us to offer our services continuously. VEVIDA has a very user-friendly web application with which we can handle most of our customers’ requests. The helpdesk is available as a safety net, which is quickly accessible and provides support with advice and assistance. The internet continues to develop.

VEVIDA always has the latest improvements that are available on the internet. New product updates are installed very frequently. That means that we can offer our customers the most up-to-date products. The success of our customers is our success! In this, VEVIDA is an important link for us.

Ruud Snelleman | co-owner of Timbers

“10 years of perfect teamwork”

10 years of perfect teamwork with Vevida! De Zeeuw IT-Consultancy requested the first 4 domain names from VEVIDA in December 2000 and we have stayed with this company for domain name hosting ever since. It felt good from the start and we immediately built a good relationship with this company. They always worked with us to come up with good, appropriate solutions for domain registration and web hosting.

Even though we are not even in the same area as VEVIDA we have since built up a considerable database of domain names that are all registered with VEVIDA. Perfect service, and in particular the accessibility is good. Problems are addressed immediately, and you are taken seriously as a customer. The nice thing about VEVIDA is that good personal contact is possible, which is no longer a given with a lot of domain name hosts.

Joeri de Zeeuw | De Zeeuw IT Consultancy

“High quality products”

Soluso e-solutions is a full-service internet agency based in Nijmegen. Hosting is the foundation of almost every project that we work on. We develop our websites and web applications in the reliable and powerful Microsoft .NET platform. For us, security and stability are absolute requirements for a hosting partner.

Since our establishment in 2006, VEVIDA has provided us with a secure and stable hosting solution on the Microsoft Windows platform. In the past few years, we have built a close relationship with VEVIDA. Working with VEVIDA means joining forces to improve our services. This allows us to continue to offer high quality products!

Jean-Pierre de Rooij | co-owner of Soluso