“Back online with Vevida’s backup”

We are exceptionally satisfied with VEVIDA. We had a difficult situation this week. Our website developer had ‘accidentally’ deleted our website. We didn’t even know that was possible, but everything was gone and the web developers had no way of getting it back. We were left empty-handed. Fortunately there was VEVIDA, which had run a daily backup without us having asked them to, and they were able to get our website back online with no problems within 5 minutes. FANTASTIC!

Extremely helpful, proactive and they respond quickly to all your questions and problems. VEVIDA only provides our hosting, but they also help us with other questions. You can always call them and they will help you as well as possible. I have had the chance to experience this a number of times over the years.


“A very valuable relationship”

I have been a VEVIDA customer for several years, both for my own hosting and also as a reseller for my customers. As you can see from the stars, I am very satisfied with VEVIDA.

The price/quality ratio, the reliability and the customer service are excellent. Questions and (rare) problems are quickly and effectively addressed by expert employees.

I am currently dealing with a minor missing functionality and I asked a question about it. The account manager called me back personally and we had a very pleasant conversation in which he asked about my experiences and wishes and told me about future plans (the missing functionality will become available over time). He even offered to come for a cup of coffee when he is in the area again (from Groningen). In short, a very valuable relationship!

Bas Papen | ixiondesign.nl

“They take the trouble of explaining very clearly”

I have been a VEVIDA customer since the beginning of 2002 and over the years I have had all my sites hosted there. Whether you are a small or large customer, it doesn’t matter to them. You are very nicely (and quickly) helped, and whatever your problem or question, they don’t rest until it has been solved. Fortunately I have had very few problems, but when it did happen it was resolved very quickly. If I would have to give a grade, it would be a really generous 9 out of 10. I also believe that all of Vevida’s employees are very competent.

That is a huge bonus, because no matter how inexperienced you are, they take the trouble of explaining very clearly, whatever your question. Top notch! I have felt highly satisfied through all these years and that is worth a lot to me! I will definitely stay their customer! Great work “lads”!!


“Stable connection, no fuss”

The only provider in the world of online services where the telephone is simply answered when you call them. And where you are also helped immediately and effectively. Full marks. Stable connection, no fuss.

Ramon Lips | Stamlijn.nl