“Vevida, What a relief to work with”

DG Graphic Design has worked with VEVIDA for many years now, and there’s a reason for it. As a design and consulting firm we deal with all kinds of hosting companies, and the differences are huge. In terms of price, hosting options, expertise, service and accessibility. What a relief to work with VEVIDA! Scoring well all round, their greatest USP in our view is that when you call them, you get a real person on the line, a technically trained person who actually knows what he is talking about.

DG Graphic Design | Ingelise de Jongste

“They take the trouble of explaining very clearly”

I have been a VEVIDA customer since the beginning of 2002 and over the years I have had all my sites hosted there. Whether you are a small or large customer, it doesn’t matter to them. You are very nicely (and quickly) helped, and whatever your problem or question, they don’t rest until it has been solved. Fortunately I have had very few problems, but when it did happen it was resolved very quickly. If I would have to give a grade, it would be a really generous 9 out of 10. I also believe that all of Vevida’s employees are very competent.

That is a huge bonus, because no matter how inexperienced you are, they take the trouble of explaining very clearly, whatever your question. Top notch! I have felt highly satisfied through all these years and that is worth a lot to me! I will definitely stay their customer! Great work “lads”!!


“Solid group always easily accessible”

Very good experiences, no problems, always easily accessible, they do their work quietly and without problems. Solid group, I’m very satisfied

Jan Peters | janans.nl

“That’s how good it can be”

Props to VEVIDA. A website move within a few hours… that’s how good it can be.

“friendly and fast”

Very good experiences with the web hosting and very good customer service: friendly and fast

Rudi, Wervelwindensemble.nl

“Good service, reasonable price”

@sjoet I have had everything with Vevida.nl since 2001; good service, reasonable price. I’ve seen much expensive ones with less options & service

“Perfect service and reliability”

No doubt, great! The combination of website base price (Microsoft, so asp.net) is absolutely cheap. Perfect service and reliability!

“Fast reaction to my tweet”

Before I could call customer service, they called me because they had seen that I had twittered something about my problem. #wow

Job de Wit

“Vevida listens to the customer”

Over 6 years ago, our company Global Vision became a client/partner at VEVIDA, a hosting company that I have seen grow over the years. Over the years VEVIDA has taken the trouble of listening to its customers. The result of this is that VEVIDA recently implemented an update on its packages that many hosting companies can only dream of.

As a web design company, a solid web hosting partner combined with good support, 99% uptime and the ability to respond quickly to our customers is very important!

Communication with the customer service is fast and efficient, and most of all we appreciate the regular contact with our personal account manager Günther Himschoot, the right contact person in the right place to deal with problems when necessary.

Reginald LYCKE | GlobalVision.be

“Quickly and effectively”

Good, solid provider. Helpdesk reacts quickly and effectively. They give understandable answers to difficult questions. Great hosting package for low cost.

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