VEVIDA standardly provides statistical information on every account with the Webalizer package. This package uses log files to generate daily reports on visitor traffic. VEVIDA uses this package with the most basic options. In the interests of report generation speed, Webalizer does not show any detailed geographic data.

For more information, including a readme file that explains the various data in Webalizer, please visit

You can access the Webalizer statistics by navigating to your website and then adding “/stats” to the end. If this does not work, then the stats directory is probably no longer available in your website’s web root. If you create this directory again, then it will automatically be filled with statistical information overnight.

For further information and an explanation of the statistics, please visit

If the data generated by Webalizer are not sufficient for your needs, then please contact VEVIDA to start using an outside statistics program. Data generated by Webalizer will not be modified.
The reason for this is that the web server’s capacity would be overloaded.

/stats folder not present

If you accidentally deleted the ‘stats’ directory and you still want to be able to view the statistics, then you can create a new one using an FTP program.
The only things is, in this case, the data for the current month will be reset. Statistics from previous months can no longer be reset automatically.

Be sure that you create the folder in WWW.

Statistics security

If you do not want the data to be public, it is best to remove the IUSR permissions from the www/stats directory on the server. You can do this in MyVEVIDA. Using the above example, you would put: wwwstats in the text box and click on remove permissions. After this, you can still view the statistics by logging in with your FTP details.

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