Visitors can reach your website using the name of your domain. Some domains also use a subdomain to show the same (or different) content to visitors. The most common subdomain is “www”.

You can also set a different subdomain via our customer portal MyVevida. Go to the “Website” tab for your domain and click “Set host headers and subdomains”. Type the name of your new subdomain in the “Name” field and click the “Add” button. The subdomain will be ready to use after about 15 minutes.

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As standard, subdomains refer to your website in the same way as the domain name and the subdomain “www”. (This is set on the web server with a host header.) Would you prefer to have your subdomain refer to a different directory? This can be done with a simple script. You can easily do this yourself using our examples.

Link to this headingRefer to a different IP addresss

Would you prefer to refer a subdomain to a different IP address? In that case, it is better to add a new DNS record. On the “Website” tab of your domain, click “Change DNS zone”. Type the name of your new record (subdomain) in the “Record name” field and fill in the IP address for the “Record value” field. Then click the “Add” button. The new subdomain will work after about 15 minutes.

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Do you have further questions about using a subdomain? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We’ll be happy to help you further.

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