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Moving a website

Moving is always a lot of work. Would you rather make the switch without the worries? We can help. Our customer service is ready for you when you need it. Here is how you can arrange everything in 5 steps to move your website. So you know exactly how it works beforehand.

MX Records

An MX (Mail eXchanger) record is used to determine which mail server(s) are responsible for handling a domain’s email. A mail server uses the DNS system to query which mail server(s) are responsible for a domain. Next, the email is sent to these mail server(s).

IIS 7 Manager

The “Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Manager” can be used to configure certain components of your website on the server side. For this, your website must be hosted on a Windows Server 2008 server. These are all web servers with a number greater than or equal to 129 (for example: net3-nl-iis-129 or net3-nl-iis-130).

You can find this information in MyVEVIDA under website settings.


This section describes how to use your details to configure various FTP programs.

If you are having trouble uploading files over FTP and you are using a firewall or your computer is connected to a(n ADSL) router, then please first read the Firewall-Friendly FTP RFC (RFC1579). This document details why FTP behind a firewall and/or router creates problems and how to resolve them.

Custom error page

VEVIDA allows you to create your own error pages, for example for the 404 `file not found” error message. You can make a 404.html (or .asp/.php) page and place this in the root of the /www directory.

Webalizer statistics

VEVIDA standardly provides statistical information on every account with the Webalizer package. This package uses log files to generate daily reports on visitor traffic. VEVIDA uses this package with the most basic options. In the interests of report generation speed, Webalizer does not show any detailed geographic data.

DLL Files

It is possible to use binary .dll (Dynamic Link Library) files for your website at Vevida. Complete the following procedure before registering a .dll file.

Please note: this concerns only .dll files with (ASP) COM components.

Using a subdomain

Visitors can reach your website using the name of your domain. Some domains also use a subdomain to show the same (or different) content to visitors. The most common subdomain is “www”.

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