FAQ MyVevida

Create email account

To create a new email account you can go to MyVevida. After login, choose domains, and select the domain for which you wish to create a new email account.

MX Records

An MX (Mail eXchanger) record is used to determine which mail server(s) are responsible for handling a domain’s email. A mail server uses the DNS system to query which mail server(s) are responsible for a domain. Next, the email is sent to these mail server(s).

Adding extras

You can expand your web hosting packages with extras. This is convenient if you want to expand your package without switching to a more expensive package. Our website includes an overview and prices of the possible expansions for each package:

Package cancellation

Do you want to cancel your package? An option is to switch to another package. A package downgrade is often a good idea because your domain continues to exist. Did you know that you can park your domain from € 0.99 per month (excluding VAT)? Our customer service can arrange this for you.

Customer service

Cannot find what you are looking for? Please contact our customer service:

We are glad to be of service.