If email sent from your website is not being received, please check the following:

  • Is the sender defined as a valid email address (name@example.com)?
    The reason for this is that many mail servers (including VEVIDA’s mail servers) do not accept any emails without a defined sender.
  • Is the email recipient defined as a valid email address (yourname@example.com)?
    If not, the mail server will not know where to send it.
  • Are the line breaks in the body (the text) of the email marked with both a carriage return (ASCII code 13) and a line feed (ASCII code 10)?
    In ASP, this can be indicated with & vbcrlf. See also our sample mail script.
    In PHP, this can be indicated with rn. See also the website http://cr.yp.to/docs/smtplf.html for further information.
  • Check that there is no enctype defined in the form.
    If there is in fact an enctype defined in the form, then the mail form will not work.

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