Moving is always a lot of work. Would you rather make the switch without the worries? We can help. Our customer service is ready for you when you need it. Here is how you can arrange everything in 5 steps to move your website. So you know exactly how it works beforehand.

Link to this headingMove your website in 5 steps

Link to this headingStep 1. Cancel your old provider

You have to cancel the contract for your domain with your old provider before you can move. It is helpful to say that you want to move. Your old provider can then release the domain for the move. You will receive the password for your domain, with which you can confirm the move. (For some domain extensions no password is required.)

Link to this headingStep 2. Make a backup of the website and email addresses

It is best to download a copy of your website beforehand. Do you have a database? Make a copy or export the data, so you can also take that with you. Later you will copy this backup to our servers (step 4). It is useful to make an overview of the email addresses for your domain. In the end you can easily set this up yourself online (step 5).

Link to this headingStep 3. Order a webhosting package for your domain

What do you want to use your domain for? You can park the domain or have it redirect to another site. Do you have your own website? Then choose web hosting. There are packages for small, medium and large websites. Are you unsure of which package will be the best? Our customer service will be happy to help.

Link to this headingStep 4. Copy the website

We’ll send you an email with the information you need to copy your website to our servers. We’ll also explain how you can bring over data from your old database. Do you want to be sure that it will work? Please ask our customer service for advice.

Link to this headingStep 5. Easily change your settings online

You can set everything easily once your domain has been moved. In the online customer portal, MyVevida, you can change the settings for your package, create email addresses and change passwords. We’ll send you an email with all the information you need to use your domain.

Link to this headingMore information

Do you have a question about moving or do you want help moving your website? Contact our customer service. We’ll be happy to help.

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