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Create email account

To create a new email account you can go to MyVevida. After login, choose domains, and select the domain for which you wish to create a new email account.

Email black list

On its mail servers, VEVIDA uses a variety of techniques to combat spam. Blocking IP addresses, domains and/or email addresses of known spammers and spam supporters is part of this strategy. A summary is given below.

MX Records

An MX (Mail eXchanger) record is used to determine which mail server(s) are responsible for handling a domain’s email. A mail server uses the DNS system to query which mail server(s) are responsible for a domain. Next, the email is sent to these mail server(s).

Problems receiving email

If you cannot receive any email via VEVIDA, there are four possible causes:

Your email program is not configured properly. There is a problem with your Internet connection. An email (that is too large) is “stuck” on the server. There is a problem with our mail server.

Reading e-mail headers

Emails are made of (2) parts: the header and the body. The complete headers are useful when trying to figure out where a spam or virus email came from. They contain information on the sender, as well as the channels via which the email arrived.

User guide OX App Suite

OX App Suite makes working online more simple and fun. However, you may need some time to familiarise yourself with the new looks and smart functions. You might even have some questions.

Vevida blacklist

A blacklist is a list of IP-addresses which are known to sent unsollicited email, like spam email. If your IP-address is listed on the Vevida blacklist, it is not possible to send emails to our clients. You’re message will be bounced from our mailservers, and you receive a notification.

Customer service

Cannot find what you are looking for? Please contact our customer service:

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