On its mail servers, VEVIDA uses a variety of techniques to combat spam. Blocking IP addresses, domains and/or email addresses of known spammers and spam supporters is part of this strategy. A summary is given below.

This list was compiled based on the mail queue and mail logs on our mail servers, complaints that VEVIDA has received from its customers and in cooperation with other providers.

Incoming email is also filtered with the following blacklists.

  • CBL (Composite Blocking List
  • NJABL (Not Just Another Bogus List)
  • VIRBL (VIrus Realtime BlackList)
  • SORBS DUHL (SORBS Dynamic User and Host List)

These DNSBLs (DNS BlackLists, or blocking lists) check whether the IP address of the sender and/or the dispatching SMTP server is a known Open Relay or an open proxy.

VEVIDA does not conduct any scans to update records. It is the ISP’s responsibility to notify VEVIDA of any changes which could affect a record. After a change notification, VEVIDA will try to update the record(s) as quickly as possible.

You can report any improper blocking to abuse@vevida.com. The IP address, domain or email address will then be removed from the blacklist. Or the IP address from a blocked net block (multiple IP addresses in the same class of the same ISP) will be whitelisted.

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