It is possible to use binary .dll (Dynamic Link Library) files for your website at Vevida. Complete the following procedure before registering a .dll file.

Please note: this concerns only .dll files with (ASP) COM components.

Link to this headingSubmit Request

If you want to register a .dll file, you can submit a request via MyVevida, or in writing by signed letter or fax.

Please state the following in your request:

  • What you want to achieve by using the .dll file (what its purpose is)
  • Where on your website we can find the requested information

Link to this headingSource Code Disclosure

Before Vevida registers the .dll file on its servers, it would like to inspect the source code and test the .dll file.

Should you so desire, Vevida will be happy to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) at any time, provided that the NDA contain the following basic provisions:

  • Vevida can view the source code.
  • Vevida cannot share the source code with third parties.
  • Vevida cannot use the source code for any purposes other than for verification of the suitability of the DLL in question.

The source code can be provided in several ways, according to your preference. The most convenient method for source code consisting of multiple files is in the form of an archive, such as in .zip format. Files can be transferred as follows:

  • By email to, as an attachment (please indicate the MyVevida login name under which you submitted the request).
  • Place the files in the root directory of the relevant website
  • By post on CD/DVD, diskette or flash drive

Our qualified and knowledgeable staff will check the source code for at least the following (without limitation):

  • Neat programming style, well documented code (remarks) – this will reduce the likelihood of errors and facilitate testing.
  • Security – the code cannot enable any form of writing to disk at random locations, etc.
  • Stability – the code cannot contain any loops which could produce an infinite loop, make incorrect memory allocations, or any other components which jeopardize stability.
  • Portability – the code cannot be so dependent on a particular version of Windows, IIS, .NET or other technology that the website fails to function on other (newer) servers or after Service Pack upgrades.

Link to this headingDLL Installation

If the code passes the tests, then the .dll file will be registered on the web server(s) running the website(s) in question.

The Support department will contact you regarding the test results. The findings are not subject to future discussion or correspondence.

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