You cannot change your (company) name yourself in MyVevida. We have used this name to register your domain for you. You also receive invoices in that name. Would you like to change this and have your contract taken over by another natural or legal person? You must then both give permission for this with a contract transfer form. You must also use this form if you are having your personal contract taken over by your company.

Download the Contract takeover form (PDF)

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The new client must include a copy of their identity document. New business customers must also include a copy of their chamber of commerce certificate. Send this together with the completed form by post to:
Postbus 329
9700 AH Groningen
The Netherlands

You can also fax the form to +31 (0)50 211 0119 or (scanned) by email to

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The new customer will pay the handling fees for contract takeover. The price of a contract takeover depends on the domain extension. For the most popular domain extensions (such as .nl, .be, .eu en .com), this is 10 euros (excluding VAT). Would you like to know what the handling fees are for your domain? Or do you have more than 20 domains that you wish to transfer? Please contact our customer service.

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