• Bankruptcy

    In case of bankruptcy, the trustee must make this known to VEVIDA, and is then responsible for the domain. The current client may then make no further cancellation or change. This may only be done on order of the trustee. The client may of course make contact for the technical support of the domain.

  • Becoming a client

    Register a domain online to become a client. In a few steps, we’ll register or transfer a domain for you. In some cases you will have to complete and submit forms. We’ll help you with this too.

    When you pay online, your domain is delivered immediately and is quickly ready to use. A move usually takes a few working days. We ensure that this proceeds without worries.

    Would you like to know more about becoming a client? Ask our customer service.

  • Changing address information

    You can change a lot of information yourself in MyVevida. Go you Your account to change your address, contact information or bank account. The changes are then immediately saved in our administration.

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  • Contract cancellation

    We think it’s a pity if you want to cancel. But if you really want to, the fastest way is to do it yourself in MyVevida. Go to Your domains to see when the annual contract for your domain expires. Observe a notice period of one month.

    Go to Help and send a new message with your cancellation to the customer service. The cancellation period begins at the moment that we receive your message. You can simply continue to use your domain until the end of your annual contract.

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  • Contract extension

    You don’t have to do anything to extend your contract. From the delivery of your domain you have an annualized contract. We extend it every year, unless you cancel at least one month before the expiry date. We ensure that your domain registration is also extended annually. You receive an invoice for the extension of your contract before the expiry date.

  • Contract transfer

    You cannot change your (company) name yourself in MyVevida. We have used this name to register your domain for you. You also receive invoices in that name. Would you like to change this and have your contract taken over by another natural or legal person? You must then both give permission for this with a contract transfer form. You must also use this form if you are having your personal contract taken over by your company.

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  • Death

    The owner of the website has died. How do we proceed now? Next of kin of the deceased must send VEVIDA a copy of the death certificate. Once we have received this, the domain can be cancelled or transferred to one of the next of kin.


  • Access databases

    The use of Active Server Pages is supported in your package as standard. Of course this also includes support for Access databases. However, this is often very difficult, because a variety of factors become involved. To make the use of Access databases a little simpler, instructions are given below.

    Attention! Due to a bug in the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components, the component that provides communication between the web server and the Access database) drivers from Microsoft, we cannot offer support in case of problems with Microsoft Access 97 databases. We advise you to use Access 2000, Access XP (2003) or Access 2007.

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  • Microsoft SQL Server database

    Microsoft SQL Server, part of the Windows Server System, is a total relational database management package for data management. It is the foundation of modern e-commerce and business intelligence applications. Microsoft SQL Server can be used to develop and implement these kinds of applications very quickly. In this process, the software can grow along with the application. For more information on Microsoft SQL Server, please visit

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  • MySQL

    A database is a structured collection of data. It can be anything from a simple web shop list to a photo gallery or all of the information on a company’s network. In order to add data and edit the stored data, you will need a database management system such as MySQL.

    One MySQL database comes standard with the hosting package. An additional MySQL database costs an additional € 12 excl. VAT per year. You can add an additional database to your package yourself at MyVevida.

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  • Changing domain owner

    The domain holder is the owner of a domain – a unique place on the internet. For this reason, it is important that your domain is registered to the correct name. In business disputes, the ownership of a domain can have unpleasant consequences. Is the domain registered in your personal name, the name of your organization, or even the name of one of your employees?

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  • DNS and subdomains

    DNS stands for Domain Name System.
    This system contains a worldwide, decentralized database of domain names with a hierarchical structure.
    In the early years of the internet, only a few hundred computers were permanently connected to the network. Each computer had a unique name (‘flat name’) and an address in numbers. At that time, all the addresses and associated names were stored in a large text file with the name HOSTS.TXT.

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  • Domain cancellation

    We think it’s a pity if you want to cancel. But if you really want to, the fastest way is to do it yourself in MyVEVIDA. Go to Your domains to see when the annual contract for your domain expires. Observe a notice period of one month.

    Go to Help and send a new message with your cancellation to the customer service. The cancellation period begins at the moment that we receive your message. You can simply continue to use your domain until the end of your annual contract.

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  • Domain redirection

    Would you like a domain to redirect to another website? This is easy with our “Domain redirection” package. You can redirect your domain to your own website or to a personal profile page (for example on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Hyves).

    Order a domain in 3 steps through our website to be redirected. You can set the redirection yourself and change it as you wish in our customer portal MyVevida.

    Do you already have a domain under a different package that you want to redirect? Our customer service lwill be happy to explain how to do this. We also have a few examples that you can use to do this yourself.


  • Domain registration

    Register a domain online in a few steps. You can choose from the 40 most commonly used top level domains for your domain. If you already have a domain with another hosting provider, we can also move this for you.

    When you pay online, your domain is delivered immediately and is quickly ready to use. A move usually takes a few working days. We ensure that this does not cause any worries.

    Would you like to know more about registering a domain? Ask our customer service.

  • Domain transfer

    Move a domain online in a few steps. VEVIDA manages the 40 most popular top level domains worldwide. In the first step, we check whether your domain has already been registered. The status is then occupied. Click the Register button if you are the owner.

    If you have received a secret code from your previous hosting provider for your domain (authorisation code), you can enter it. This allows us to more quickly move your domain and prepare it for use. We ensure that this does not cause any worries.

    Would you like to know more about moving your domain? Ask our customer service.

  • Using a subdomain

    Visitors can reach your website using the name of your domain. Some domains also use a subdomain to show the same (or different) content to visitors. The most common subdomain is “www”.

    You can also set a different subdomain via our customer portal MyVevida. Go to the “Website” tab for your domain and click “Set host headers and subdomains”. Type the name of your new subdomain in the “Name” field and click the “Add” button. The subdomain will be ready to use after about 15 minutes.

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  • Create email account

    To create a new email account you can go to MyVevida. After login, choose domains, and select the domain for which you wish to create a new email account.

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  • Email black list

    On its mail servers, VEVIDA uses a variety of techniques to combat spam. Blocking IP addresses, domains and/or email addresses of known spammers and spam supporters is part of this strategy. A summary is given below.
    This list was compiled based on the mail queue and mail logs on our mail servers, complaints that VEVIDA has received from its customers and in cooperation with other providers.


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  • Email on Mobile devices and Webmail

    Webmail is an excellent way to access all of your email addresses (under your domain name) from anywhere in the world. You can use webmail to read and send email via your Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera).
    Unlike when reading email using a program such as Outlook, with webmail the emails do in fact remain on the server. That is to say: until you retrieve them again from home over the POP3 protocol, using Outlook or another email program.

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  • MX Records

    An MX (Mail eXchanger) record is used to determine which mail server(s) are responsible for handling a domain’s email. A mail server uses the DNS system to query which mail server(s) are responsible for a domain. Next, the email is sent to these mail server(s).

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  • Problems receiving email

    If you cannot receive any email via VEVIDA, there are four possible causes:

    • Your email program is not configured properly.
    • There is a problem with your Internet connection.
    • An email (that is too large) is “stuck” on the server.
    • There is a problem with our mail server.

    How can you find out the source of the problem yourself?

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  • Problems sending email from your website

    If email sent from your website is not being received, please check the following:

    • Is the sender defined as a valid email address (
      The reason for this is that many mail servers (including VEVIDA’s mail servers) do not accept any emails without a defined sender.
    • Is the email recipient defined as a valid email address (
      If not, the mail server will not know where to send it.
    • Are the line breaks in the body (the text) of the email marked with both a carriage return (ASCII code 13) and a line feed (ASCII code 10)?
      In ASP, this can be indicated with & vbcrlf. See also our sample mail script.
      In PHP, this can be indicated with rn. See also the website for further information.
    • Check that there is no enctype defined in the form.
      If there is in fact an enctype defined in the form, then the mail form will not work.
  • Reading e-mail headers

    Emails are made of (2) parts: the header and the body. The complete headers are useful when trying to figure out where a spam or virus email came from. They contain information on the sender, as well as the channels via which the email arrived.
    The header is made up of a number of lines, from the first line to the first blank line. Everything after the first blank line is the body, i.e. the actual message.


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  • Your email: Batched SMTP

    Since the olden days of the Internet, email has been sent over SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). SMTP assumes that the receiving computer is always online (has a connection to the Internet). With the rise of Internet users whose computers are not always online, a number of SMTP alternatives have been devised.

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  • Tips & Tricks

    This page provides tips, tricks and recommendations that are not quite extensive enough to be posted on their own Service page or as an item on an existing Service page. Use them to your advantage.

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  • List of terms

    Administrative Contact

    for a domain name

    The Administrative Contact, also called admin-c, is the contact point for administrative changes. The administrative contact is informed by email when a change is made for a domain (address changes, moves, etc.) with the registry. In case of a move request, approval is requested from the administrative contact by different registries with a message to the email address registered with the admin-c.

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  • CMS and Blog Installation Manual and Tips

    With many CMS and blog packages, a MySQL database (at €12 per year excl. VAT) is often required. You can request this via the communication module at MyVEVIDA.
    Please see the documentation on the relevant CMS system for more information.

    Installing a CMS such as Mambo, Joomla, Etomite (or blogs like Pivot, WordPress, webshops like osCommerce and Zen Cart, galleries like Coppermine, Gallery 2.0, etc.) and the like often requires the ability to write to a configuration file. By default IUSERs (visitors) have no write permissions, so online installation attempts via the web server will return an error message.


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Open X-change

  • User guide OX App Suite

    OX App Suite makes working online more simple and fun. However, you may need some time to familiarise yourself with the new looks and smart functions. You might even have some questions.

    That’s why we’ve made sure you can find the English language OX App Suite user manual (version 7.2) on our website.

    Still have questions after reading the user manual? Please feel free to contact our customer support.


  • Adding extras

    You can expand your web hosting packages with extras. This is convenient if you want to expand your package without switching to a more expensive package. Our website includes an overview and prices of the possible expansions for each package:

    You will make a one-time payment for the remaining contract period. The full price of the extras will appear on your invoice upon extension of your annual contract.

    Many extras can be added to your package directly through our customer portal MyVevida. You can use the extras you order immediately when you pay online. Some extras are not yet available in MyVevida. Do you want to expand your web hosting package with these extras? Please contact our customer service. We’ll take care of everything for you.

    Do you have questions about expanding your package? Our customer service staff will be happy to tell you more.

  • Package cancellation

    Do you want to cancel your package? An option is to switch to another package. A package downgrade is often a good idea because your domain continues to exist. Did you know that you can park your domain from € 0.99 per month (excluding VAT)? Our customer service can arrange this for you.

    Do you want to cancel your domain together with your package? The annual contract for your domain will then end. You can cancel your contract at any time. Do take into account a notice period of one month.

    Do you want advice about your package? Please contact our customer service. Our staff will be happy to help.

  • Package downgrade

    Would you prefer a smaller package? We can easily downgrade your package. Our customer service will be happy to take care of that for you. We’ll make sure that the switch is worry free.

    Downgrading is possible at any time. We charge a one-time €10 (excluding VAT) handling fee for this and the switch to a smaller package will usually be made the same day. Please note that you will not be refunded the difference in package price. You will be billed for the price of your smaller package when you extend your annual contract.

    In some cases you will not be able to take all the data or accounts with you to a smaller package. For example: if you switch from Basic Hosting to Domain Parking, only your domain remains. This means that we will automatically delete your website, database and email.

    Would you like to know more about downgrading your package? Please contact our customer service. Our staff will be happy to advise you.

  • Package upgrade

    Would you prefer a larger package? Contact our customer service. We can easily upgrade your package. Your files, email and databases will be transferred to the new package automatically, which means that you won’t lose any information and you won’t have to upload your website again. We’ll take care of everything for you.

    Upgrading is possible at any time. You’ll make a one-time payment for the price difference with your old package for the remainder of your yearly contract. This will be billed separately. You can usually use your larger package the same day.

    Would you like to know more about upgrading your package? Please contact our customer service. Our staff will be happy to advise you.


  • Credit note

    Have you received an incorrect invoice from us? Please contact our customer service. You will receive a credit note within a few days, with which the balance of the invoice sent will be settled in our administration. You will not have to pay the invoice amount to us.

    Do let us know if you have already paid the invoice in the meantime. We will ensure that the amount paid is repaid into your account. Our service employee will ask you for your account number. Was the invoice paid by automatic debit? We will then only be able to refund the amount to your account after 56 days. You can ask your bank to reverse the debit if you wish to receive this amount sooner.

    Do you have further questions about your invoice? Our customer service will be happy to help.

  • Direct debit

    If you want to use automatic debit with VEVIDA, you can indicate this in MyVEVIDA under the “Support” button or by letter. Note that the letter must be signed by the domain holder. The minimum that must be stated in the letter or in MyVEVIDA is the following:

    Account number:

    Account holder:

    Bank location:

    With this, you save administration fees of 7.50 euros including VAT.

  • Online payment

    Would you like to pay for your order or your domain extension immediately? You can do this by choosing online payment. Our website is secured with SSL, so your information is safe from unauthorized access. You can pay directly via iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister Cash, MasterCard, VISA or Maestro. This is secure and easy.

    This also saves you the extra invoice administration fees. Furthermore, we will immediately register the new domains that you order. You don’t have to wait until we have received payment.

    Would you like to know more about the advantages and security of online payment? Our customer service will be happy to explain.

  • Overpaid

    You have paid double: what to do to get your money back? You can enter the information in MyVEVIDA for the bank account to which you wish to have the amount returned. If you accidentally paid while a debit withdrawal was also done, you can have the amount reversed by your bank. Note that VEVIDA can pay out 30 days after receipt of the amount.

  • Per invoice

    Would you like to receive an invoice for the extension of your domain or your order? You can. You will be charged an extra fee for this of € 6.30 (excluding VAT) administration costs per invoice. Furthermore, we will wait to register your new domain until we have received your payment.

    Would you rather save extra administration costs or always have your domains registered quickly? Then choose payment via automatic debit. Our customer service will be happy to tell you more about the payment options.

  • Reverse an entry

    If an amount has been wrongly debited from your account, you can have the transaction reversed within a month of the withdrawal date.

    You can contact the bank by phone to report the problem, and they will then reverse the payment. Within a few days, this amount will then be returned to your account. With some banks, it is also possible to indicate that a transaction needs to be reversed via internet banking.


  • Abuse Policy

    VEVIDA follows a proactive policy of investigation into abuse, and we do a lot of our own investigations. Our employees participate in various newsgroups and mailing lists to keep informed of the latest security issues and spam and anti-spam technology.


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  • Input validation

    Today’s websites are increasingly complex and dynamic. Dynamic content is achieved through the use of web applications that can deliver different content to users depending on their settings and requirements, or by webmasters that make and/or keep an application manageable.

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  • Safer programming

    Some requirements that good code should always fulfil include:

    • Tidy programming style, well documented code (remarks) – this reduces the chance of errors and makes testing easier;
    • Security – the code must not make it possible to write to disk at any location, for example;
    • Stability – the code must not contain loops that can easily result in an infinite loop, make incorrect memory allocations or otherwise contain components that can jeopardize stability;
    • Portability – the code must not be so strongly dependent on a specific version of Windows, IIS, .NET or another technology that the website no longer functions on another (newer) server or after the application of Service Packs.


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  • Security

    As a computer (PC) user, you are responsible for its security at all times. A provider of access and/or hosting cannot change this or take responsibility for this.

    There is a lot you can do to safeguard computer. This page gives a number of tips and things to be aware of.

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  • .htaccess

    Unfortunately it is not possible to use .htaccess (or .htpasswd) files in the VEVIDA hosting environment (Windows 2003/IIS 6), as they are Apache-specific configuration files.

  • ASP

    You can use Active Server Pages (ASP) on our servers as standard. This application uses VBScript, for example, to perform a variety of functions. For instance, you can read data from a database, or save data to a database. Or you use ASP to apply a standard or dynamic layout.

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    The .NET-Framework 3.5 SP1 is available in our hosting environment. Your account is provided with ASP.NET functionality as standard.
    In ASP.NET, all the standard functions of .NET technology are still supported, i.e. as they are provided by Microsoft, with a number of expansions in addition to this.

    More information about ASP.NET and the .NET Framework can be found at the .NET Framework Developer Center.

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  • CGI

    The meaning of Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is quite a good description of what this script language actually does:

    • Extraction to look into files and to “extract” the data that is important for you;
    • Report for generating reports on output, based on the required information;
    • It is an Practical language because it is easier to write these kinds of scripts in Perl than for example in C.

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  • chmod

    Countless server-side scripts (PHP, CGI/Perl) are written for Apache on a Unix or Linux server. When rights need to be changed for the use of these scripts (on folders or files), the Chmod command (1) is often mentioned.

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  • Components Installed on the Web Servers

    ASP.NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 is standardly available for your website. It is installed “on top of” ASP.NET 2.0. The security level is comparable to “medium trust”.

    On new web servers, starting from web server net3-nl-iis-77, the following additional components are available:

    1. Windows Communications Foundation

    2. Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

    3. ASP.NET MVC


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  • Custom error page

    VEVIDA allows you to create your own error pages, for example for the 404 `file not found” error message. You can make a 404.html (or .asp/.php) page and place this in the root of the /www directory.

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  • DLL Files

    It is possible to use binary .dll (Dynamic Link Library) files for your website at Vevida. Complete the following procedure before registering a .dll file.

    Please note: this concerns only .dll files with (ASP) COM components.

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  • FTP

    This section describes how to use your details to configure various FTP programs.

    If you are having trouble uploading files over FTP and you are using a firewall or your computer is connected to a(n ADSL) router, then please first read the Firewall-Friendly FTP RFC (RFC1579).
    This document details why FTP behind a firewall and/or router creates problems and how to resolve them.

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  • IIS 7 Manager

    The “Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Manager” can be used to configure certain components of your website on the server side. For this, your website must be hosted on a Windows Server 2008 server. These are all web servers with a number greater than or equal to 129 (for example: net3-nl-iis-129 or net3-nl-iis-130).

    You can find this information in MyVEVIDA under website settings.

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  • ISAPI Rewrite

    Since Thursday, 11 March 2010, ISAPI_Rewrite version 3 has been standardly available in our hosting environment.

    Please Note: Only version 3 is installed on our Windows Server 2008 web servers.

    ISAPI_Rewrite version 3 is compatible with Apache mod_rewrite syntax, which makes moving a configuration from Apache to IIS as simple as copying the .htaccess file.

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  • Moving a website

    Moving is always a lot of work. Would you rather make the switch without the worries? We can help. Our customer service is ready for you when you need it. Here is how you can arrange everything in 5 steps to move your website. So you know exactly how it works beforehand.

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  • PHP

    PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is an HTML-embedded script language. A large part of the syntax originates from programming languages C, Java and Perl with a number of PHP-specific features added. The purpose of PHP is to enable web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. PHP can also be used as a CGI parser.

    In addition to Active Server Pages (ASP), which has native support, you can also use PHP.

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  • Search engines and website optimization

    VEVIDA cannot help you register your website(s) with search engines. However, we have prepared some tips and recommendations for you on this page.

    Improve your ranking

    There are several factors to consider in order to improve your websites’ search engine rankings.

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  • Webalizer statistics

    VEVIDA standardly provides statistical information on every account with the Webalizer package. This package uses log files to generate daily reports on visitor traffic. VEVIDA uses this package with the most basic options. In the interests of report generation speed, Webalizer does not show any detailed geographic data.
    For more information, including a readme file that explains the various data in Webalizer, please visit


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Customer service

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