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Thank you for visiting a Vevida Services BV website and reading our privacy program. Vevida Services BV has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to protect and safeguard your privacy furthermore we explain how and why your personal information is gathered. All the information gathered by us is subject to the current legislation on privacy information. With your visit non-personal information is also gathered and kept for statistical purposes. Non-personal information is considered to be the Internet-address originating your visit to these pages, the date and time of your visit and the pages watched during your visit here.

We also gather your personal information, when you contact us by email or when a request or comment form is used on this website. The only reason for collecting this information is to answer your questions and to provide you with a better service. It is important to know Vevida will not sell, publish or in any other way share your personal information with any other party, other than Vevida, to whom you submitted your information.

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The term cookies refers to the files that are being downloaded from a website and stored on the hard disk of your computer. The purpose of cookies is to enable Vevida to monitor your visits to our website. These cookies help us remember your identity, they enable us to supply you with personalized web pages.

Certain web-browsers enable you to limit or even disable the use of cookies. Certain programmes will also report the storing of cookies to your computers hard disk. If you limit or disable the use of cookies when visiting a Vevida website, you might not be able to access all areas on our website.

Vevida uses cookies to process, among others, the MyVevida pages. We do not use cookies to collect data from your computer, other than the data originally transmitted to your computer. We do not use the information collected form cookies for promotional or marketing purposes.

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On this site, you will find some links to other websites. Even though these website are being selected with great care, Vevida Services BV does not carry any responsibility concerning the exploitations of your personal information by these organisations.