Send secure email even more easily

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You can now set up our SMTP server to send your email securely regardless of what internet provider you use to connect. Sending email via our SMTP server is safe because your login information cannot be intercepted by anyone else. The connection is secured using the TLS protocol (transport layer security).

ASP.NET Framework 4.0 available

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As of now, you can use the latest version of the ASP.NET Framework. Version 2.0/3.5 will initially remain the default for your website. Please contact our customer service if you want to use ASP.NET 4.0. We will be happy to help.

More about the improvements in ASP.NET 4.0:

Your website and email are ready for IPv6

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By using IPv6 addresses on the crucial components of our network, we are well-prepared for the future of the internet. This is important because the IPv4 addresses are almost all used up. In the last few months, we set up all the email servers to be able to work with IPv6. We had already modified our other servers earlier this year.