euEURid, the registry of .eu-domains, will support so-called IDNs as of 10 December 2009. IDN stands for “Internationalised Domain Names”. For the first time, residents of the European Union can register a .eu-domain with symbols that are not in the “standard” alphabet. Examples of these include the Swedish å, the German ü, the Romanian ş and the full Bulgarian and Greek alphabets.


There is no “sunrise-period” for this introduction, which means that holders of certain rights (trademarks, etc.) do not receive priority. In short: “first come, first served”. In order to help you to register certain IDNs, VEVIDA will submit a pre-registration in November. Although this does not give a 100% guarantee, this reduces the chance that someone else registers “your” IDN to a minimum.

In the coming period we will give more explanation about the ins and outs of IDNs and provide further information about the pre-registration. Keep an eye on our blog!