We currently use Windows Server 2003 to serve your website. We are in the process of gradually moving over to Windows Server 2008. Over the past months we have been busy extensively testing this new version and fine-tuning the configuration for our hosting platform. With the new operating system you will hardly notice any changes at your end in the first instance, however Windows Server 2008 supports a number of innovations which you will immediately benefit from. The new IIS 7 web server lets you look after things yourself, the ftp-cloud enables secure uploading and ISAPI Rewrite 3 ensures you are easier to find with short web addresses.

IIS 7: look after things yourself
IIS (Internet Information Services) 7, the new web server coming with Windows Server 2008, is a substantial improvement on the previous version. This means your website will be faster and more stable. In addition, with the IIS Manager programme you are now much more in control from behind your own computer. Particularly good news for webmasters; for with a simple interface they are now able among other things to install default documents, error pages, mime types, http redirects and request filtering. IIS Manager also has its own wizard making it simple and easy to define long web addresses (URLs). You can download and install IIS Manager for free (Windows XP and higher only).

Ftp-cloud: permanently secure uploading

Due to our new ‘ftp-cloud’, from now on your files will always be securely uploaded via ftp (file transfer protocol). Thanks to Hyper-V, the new virtualisation technology, three ftp-servers now work in unison as one virtual server. The term for such a virtual collection is a ‘cloud’. If necessary, a second or third ftp-server can always take over. This means you will always be able to upload your files. In addition, the connection between your ftp-programme and the ftp-cloud is automatically safeguarded with TLS (transport layer security), preventing anyone from monitoring your log-in details or observing which files you are uploading. Secure and sound. Would you like to upload your files securely via our ftp-cloud? Then make ‘ftp.vevida.com’ your host in your ftp-programme. Your user name and password will remain the same. If you have any queries about uploading, then please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. We look forward to helping you.

ISAPI Rewrite 3: easier to be found with short web addresses
Many web logs and web shops use short web addresses (URLs) to optimise their website for search engines. To achieve this they often use a configuration file with the name ‘.htaccess’. You can download this file fully ready for uploading to your website, making your content easier to be found. To support these files, we have installed ISAPI Rewrite 3 as an extension to our web servers. If you would like further information on how you can describe URLs, have a look at our service page covering ISAPI Rewrite.