sqlserver2008_logoYou already have a free MySQL database with your hosting package. This is used to store data from free software for websites, such as weblogs (for example WordPress and Joomla) and web shops (osCommerce and ZenChart). In this way, you can use these kinds of tools for your website immediately. Microsoft SQL Server is a good choice for more professional applications.

Vevida now introduces Microsoft SQL Server 2008. This latest version of Microsoft’s enterprise database system has many improvements and innovations on the present version, SQL Server 2000. This is especially good news for developers who build modern online applications using Microsoft’s powerful .NET platform.

Improved and innovative
Improved reliability, better performance and fast search results are the most obvious changes. But many functional components have also been expanded: SQL Server now supports native XML, tree structures, user defined types of unlimited size and integrated full text search. The innovative geographical data types (longitude and latitude degrees for earth surfaces and polygons, points and lines for flat surfaces), FileStream data and data types for date and time give developers powerful tools for modern online applications. SQL Server 2008 also introduces transparent encryption and compression of data for improved security, storage and backup. Last but not least, the integration with Visual Studio has also been expanded with advanced tools for development and debugging.

For more information please refer to http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2008.