heliviewVEVIDA takes pride in its expertise and customer service. And from the reactions we have received from you, you are happy with VEVIDA and the services we provide. But there are always ways to improve! There are always some things that are not perfect, questions that are not answered clearly enough or items that are missing from our product range.

That is why we asked Heliview Research to conduct an independent customer satisfaction survey. Last year, you gave VEVIDA a high mark (7.8 out of 10), but we also received suggestions and ideas for improvement. These are very valuable to us and we consider them to be indispensible to meet your needs and wishes with our services.

That is why there will be another survey this year. If you are one of the customers that is selected for the random survey in November 2009 and you receive a phone call from Heliview, we kindly ask that you participate in this survey. It only takes about 10 minutes and Heliview guarantees your anonymity. VEVIDA would like to thank you now for your feedback!