heliviewHeliview Research conducted an independent customer satisfaction survey for VEVIDA between 2 November and 4 December. Several hundred customers answered questions in a telephone interview on our service, products and image among other things. Customers were also asked about possible points for improvement. And… we are proud of the results. You gave us a grade of 7.6/10!

Good grades

You give VEVIDA good grades. Especially the reliability (safety and availability) are highly appreciated with an 8.1. Customer service also got a good mark: 7.7. As the most important distinguishing factor relative to other hosting providers, our service and quality-price ratio were mentioned, with the third item being our response speed.

Points for improvement
But there is always room for improvement! There are always some things that don’t work perfectly or questions that are not answered clearly enough. Fortunately, we also received a few points for improvement, which are very valuable and that we consider to be indispensible to tuning our services to your wishes and needs. For instance, VEVIDA can further improve the after-sales and information provision. The way in which you can submit a complaint and how we handle it can be further clarified. We are already working on these points.

References are very important
It is striking that over 81% of customers came to VEVIDA through references from family, acquaintances or business relations. And 89% of our customers say that they would recommend VEVIDA to someone else. This once again shows how important word-of-mouth advertising is – and how important it is for us to meet your expectations. So: If you are satisfied, tell someone else. If you are not satisfied, tell us!

We would like to warmly thank everyone who participated in this survey and we hope that we can call on you again next year.