sidnSIDN, the body responsible for the registration of .nl domains, is changing on 17 February 2010 to a new domain registration system (DRS5).

The most significant change in DRS5 will be the long-awaited EPP interface, something very important for VEVIDA. EPP stands for ‘extensible provisioning protocol’, the standard developed a few years ago to improve electronic communications between registrars (VEVIDA, for example) and registries (SIDN, for example). VEVIDA has been very heavily involved in this project and was responsible for a presentation to fellow registrars on this development. VEVIDA is, of course, fully prepared for the introduction of this change.


This development will also introduce a number of changes that are important for you as a user. For example, the current moving procedure will be replaced by a streamlined and more secure procedure. If you want to move a domain from one registrar/agent to another, you ask your old registrar/agent for a token  (a sort of authorisation code or password) to authorise the move. The result will be a simpler and more reliable system that makes handling moves more flexible.

And finally, WHOIS (request for domain name holder details) has been changed to comply with European guidelines for protecting personal data. After DRS5 is introduced, WHOIS will only return you the name and email address and not the street address, phone number and other details of the domain holder. This is only the case for domains registered by a private person. The holder details for domains registered by legal persons (by a company, for example) will still be given in full. Some authorised entities will still have access to all domain name details in order, for example, to be able to identify misuse of trademarks. The details of websites with illegal content should also be available to authorised entities.

If you have questions about this development, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service.