sidnAs of 12 January, significantly less personal data is shown in the public whois of a .nl domain. The whois allows you to see who holds the domain, and their contact information. SIDN, the administrator of the .nl domain, has modified the public whois to better protect the privacy of domain name holders. Many holders were not satisfied with the publication of their address information and telephone number. The address of the holder and the names and telephone numbers of the administrative and technical contact people are now no longer publicly available.


What is still displayed?
The name of the holder is still displayed, so that he can check that the domain is registered in his name. The email addresses of the administrative and technical contact people are also still shown so that the holder or one of his representatives can be reached if there are problems with the domain name.

Not blocked for everyone
The information on a holder is not fully blocked for everyone. Bailiffs and lawyers based in the Netherlands can still call up the address of a holder from SIDN to be able to sue him. Further, investigation and enforcement authorities can obtain conditional automated access to all the information that is registered with a domain name.

Anti-harvesting measures
The whois is also better protected against large-scale automated requests (harvesting) of whois information. This harvesting is often used to collect email addresses for sending spam. Email addresses are no longer shown in the whois if the whois is called up via the command line. Email addresses can no longer be found in the HTML code on the SIDN website. Soon, SIDN will further secure the whois on its website with a CAPTCHA: visitors must then retype the text in an illustration that cannot be read by machines.

More information
More information about this change can be found on the website of SIDN:,727,6230,,,,Whois-wijziging_2010.html

Source: SIDN