innovationFeedback from our customers allows us to continuously improve our systems for you. In recent months our R&D team has worked hard on a number of important innovations. For example, this month we will install the first web server with Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 in the rack. After we have extensively tested this new configuration, we will equip all the web servers with this new operating system over the next few months. This will make our hosting environment safer, more stable, more scalable and ready for the latest developments. But we don’t lose sight of small improvements: that is why we are now implementing 3 updates for which we have received many requests. These updates are mainly intended to make things even easier for you.



Mailbox full!
If your mailbox is full, you can no longer receive new messages. The sender then receives a message that he can’t send you email, but you don’t hear anything about this. This is very annoying, because of course you don’t want to miss any email! To solve this problem, we will now automatically send you a message when your mailbox is almost full. This will explain what you can do to continue using your email without needing to worry. You will also receive a warning once your mailbox is completely full. That’s handy!


Many customers use the free MySQL database in their hosting package for a weblog, web shop or CMS. The database is easy to manage with phpMyAdmin ( Internet Explorer users could not log in after we installed a newer version of phpMyAdmin. This issue has been resolved with the latest version of that software.


MySQL Connector/NET
The MySQL database can also be used together with the powerful ASP.NET Framework. Many customers choose this kind of free database as an alternative to the more professional, but also more expensive, Microsoft SQL Server 2008. We have now reconfigured our hosting platform to make it suitable for MySQL Connector/NET. This is a much better way to connect to a MySQL database than the MySQL ODBC driver, which is also sometimes used for this. More information about MySQL can be found on our MYSQL service page.