goodbetterbestThankfully most things go well with VEVIDA. We have many satisfied customers, their loyalty and their generous word of mouth recommendations alone express this. Our systems are particularly reliable, with few disturbances and a high uptime rate verging on 100%. However, infallibility does not figure among our claims. Despite our very best efforts to deliver you the ultimate service, in this business things can go wrong or situations are sometimes incorrectly assessed. In the event of such, it is good to know that we have a solid complaints procedure in place, ensuring that your complaint will be dealt with immediately and appropriately.


Dissatisfied? Let us be the first to know.
All of our staff are fully briefed on our complaints procedure, ensuring that you will have a response to your complaint within two working days. Experience has demonstrated that in many cases we can also have a solution in place within the same timeframe. The best route forward is to contact our customer service department in the first instance and explain the problem. Often they can remedy the issue on the spot.

Still dissatisfied? Then please do not hesitate to pursue the matter further. Please contact us with your remarks or complaints at We will then do our very best to resolve the source of your dissatisfaction as quickly as possible.

Satisfied? Let everyone else know.
Of course we do enjoy hearing from you as a satisfied consumer of our services. Rest assured however, we will avoid reclining too far back on our laurels, but rather this will have the effect of only motivating us further. One of the best compliments you can pay us is to let others know how satisfied you are with the services we provide. If you would like to do something proactive about this, posting a message on one of the many comparison sites which appraise providers such as really would have our appreciation.