eu81% of internet users within Europe know what a domain name is and more than half are aware of .eu. Further, they experience .eu as both innovative and trustworthy when compared to other top- level domains (TLD’s). These findings were published on 28 April 2010 as part of a brand and adoption research carried out under the auspices of EURid, the organisation responsible for the .eu-domain.

This research also demonstrates that 17% of internet users within Europe have a domain name, while another 15% would like to register for a (or another) domain name. Of these 15%, a quarter has indicated a preference for the .eu-domain.


Who can register an .eu-domain name?
Anyone resident in the European Union can register an .eu-domain. Your nationality is unimportant. Companies and organisations operating within the EU may also register an .eu-domain.

Some numbers
More than 3.2 million .eu-domains have already been registered, making .eu the ninth largest domain in the world.


(Source: EURid)