New phone number Customer Service

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Our Customer Service has a new phone number. You can reach us as of now on +31 50 211 0100. We can also still be reached on the old phone number for the time being. However, on Friday, January 18, the old phone number will be unreachable for some minutes between 9 AM and 10 AM.

New .CO domain

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The .CO internet extension gives an international, recognizable and credible name to your website. Anyone can now register a .CO domain. Don’t delay: more than 500,000 have already been assigned around the world. Be sure to get yours before someone else does, and register your .CO domain for only € 29 per year!

Vevida supports Wereldkinderen

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For millions of children, growing up without the protection of a family and without a fair chance at a decent future is the hard reality.

We think that every child has the right to grow up in the atmosphere of a loving and respectful family. Every child must also be able to go to school. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many children in our world.

Good can always get better

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Thankfully most things go well with VEVIDA. We have many satisfied customers, their loyalty and their generous word of mouth recommendations alone express this. Our systems are particularly reliable, with few disturbances and a high uptime rate verging on 100%.

VEVIDA .europe campaign

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This month the .eu-domain will have been in existence 4 years; just one excellent reason for turning the spotlight on this popular domain with its European feel. One way of doing this is by giving away 4000 .eu-domains for free. All you have to do is register a new domain name with VEVIDA or move an existing domain name over to VEVIDA before 1 July 2010.

Europeans know and trust the .eu-domain

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81% of internet users within Europe know what a domain name is and more than half are aware of .eu. Further, they experience .eu as both innovative and trustworthy when compared to other top- level domains (TLD’s). These findings were published on 28 April 2010 as part of a brand and adoption research carried out under the auspices of EURid, the organisation responsible for the .eu-domain.

Innovations March 2010

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Feedback from our customers allows us to continuously improve our systems for you. In recent months our R&D team has worked hard on a number of important innovations. For example, this month we will install the first web server with Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7 in the rack.

Vevida 10×10 Promotion a great success

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The promotion that VEVIDA ran in December 2009 for its regular customers was a great success. Many people took advantage of the €10 discount and registered an extra domain name or extension. The result was that the number of registrations in December was almost twice as high as in a normal month.

VEVIDA customer satisfaction graded 7.6!

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Heliview Research conducted an independent customer satisfaction survey for VEVIDA between 2 November and 4 December. Several hundred customers answered questions in a telephone interview on our service, products and image among other things. Customers were also asked about possible points for improvement. And… we are proud of the results. You gave us a grade of 7.6/10!

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