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You can use Active Server Pages (ASP) on our servers as standard. This application uses VBScript, for example, to perform a variety of functions. For instance, you can read data from a database, or save data to a database. Or you use ASP to apply a standard or dynamic layout.


The .NET-Framework 4.7.2 is available in our hosting environment. Your account is provided with ASP.NET functionality as standard. In ASP.NET, all the standard functions of .NET technology are still supported, i.e. as they are provided by Microsoft, with a number of expansions in addition to this.



The meaning of Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is quite a good description of what this script language actually does:

Changing domain owner

The domain holder is the owner of a domain – a unique place on the internet. For this reason, it is important that your domain is registered to the correct name. In business disputes, the ownership of a domain can have unpleasant consequences. Is the domain registered in your personal name, the name of your organization, or even the name of one of your employees?


Countless server-side scripts (PHP, CGI/Perl) are written for Apache on a Unix or Linux server. When rights need to be changed for the use of these scripts (on folders or files), the Chmod command (1) is often mentioned.

Components Installed on the Web Servers

See the page on ASP.NET for the currently installed version of the .NET-Framework on our servers.

On new web servers, starting from web server net3-nl-iis-77, the following additional components are available:

1. Windows Communications Foundation

2. Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5


Custom error page

VEVIDA allows you to create your own error pages, for example for the 404 `file not found” error message. You can make a 404.html (or .asp/.php) page and place this in the root of the /www directory.

DLL Files


It is possible to use binary .dll (Dynamic Link Library) files for your website at Vevida. Complete the following procedure before registering a .dll file.

Please note: this concerns only .dll files with (ASP) COM components.

Domain cancellation

We think it’s a pity if you want to cancel. But if you really want to, the fastest way is to do it yourself in MyVEVIDA. Go to Your domains to see when the annual contract for your domain expires. Observe a notice period of one month.

Domain redirection

Would you like a domain to redirect to another website? This is easy with our “Domain redirection” package. You can redirect your domain to your own website or to a personal profile page (for example on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Hyves).

Domain registration

Register a domain online in a few steps. You can choose from the 40 most commonly used top level domains for your domain. If you already have a domain with another hosting provider, we can also move this for you.

Domain transfer

Move a domain online in a few steps. VEVIDA manages the 40 most popular top level domains worldwide. In the first step, we check whether your domain has already been registered. The status is then occupied. Click the Register button if you are the owner.



This section describes how to use your details to configure various FTP programs.

If you are having trouble uploading files over FTP and you are using a firewall or your computer is connected to a(n ADSL) router, then please first read the Firewall-Friendly FTP RFC (RFC1579). This document details why FTP behind a firewall and/or router creates problems and how to resolve them.

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