• Abuse Policy

    VEVIDA follows a proactive policy of investigation into abuse, and we do a lot of our own investigations. Our employees participate in various newsgroups and mailing lists to keep informed of the latest security issues and spam and anti-spam technology.


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  • Input validation

    Today’s websites are increasingly complex and dynamic. Dynamic content is achieved through the use of web applications that can deliver different content to users depending on their settings and requirements, or by webmasters that make and/or keep an application manageable.

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  • Safer programming

    Some requirements that good code should always fulfil include:

    • Tidy programming style, well documented code (remarks) – this reduces the chance of errors and makes testing easier;
    • Security – the code must not make it possible to write to disk at any location, for example;
    • Stability – the code must not contain loops that can easily result in an infinite loop, make incorrect memory allocations or otherwise contain components that can jeopardize stability;
    • Portability – the code must not be so strongly dependent on a specific version of Windows, IIS, .NET or another technology that the website no longer functions on another (newer) server or after the application of Service Packs.


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  • Security

    As a computer (PC) user, you are responsible for its security at all times. A provider of access and/or hosting cannot change this or take responsibility for this.

    There is a lot you can do to safeguard computer. This page gives a number of tips and things to be aware of.

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