• Credit note

    Have you received an incorrect invoice from us? Please contact our customer service. You will receive a credit note within a few days, with which the balance of the invoice sent will be settled in our administration. You will not have to pay the invoice amount to us.

    Do let us know if you have already paid the invoice in the meantime. We will ensure that the amount paid is repaid into your account. Our service employee will ask you for your account number. Was the invoice paid by automatic debit? We will then only be able to refund the amount to your account after 56 days. You can ask your bank to reverse the debit if you wish to receive this amount sooner.

    Do you have further questions about your invoice? Our customer service will be happy to help.

  • Direct debit

    If you want to use automatic debit with VEVIDA, you can indicate this in MyVEVIDA under the “Support” button or by letter. Note that the letter must be signed by the domain holder. The minimum that must be stated in the letter or in MyVEVIDA is the following:

    Account number:

    Account holder:

    Bank location:

    With this, you save administration fees of 7.50 euros including VAT.

  • Online payment

    Would you like to pay for your order or your domain extension immediately? You can do this by choosing online payment. Our website is secured with SSL, so your information is safe from unauthorized access. You can pay directly via iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister Cash, MasterCard, VISA or Maestro. This is secure and easy.

    This also saves you the extra invoice administration fees. Furthermore, we will immediately register the new domains that you order. You don’t have to wait until we have received payment.

    Would you like to know more about the advantages and security of online payment? Our customer service will be happy to explain.

  • Overpaid

    You have paid double: what to do to get your money back? You can enter the information in MyVEVIDA for the bank account to which you wish to have the amount returned. If you accidentally paid while a debit withdrawal was also done, you can have the amount reversed by your bank. Note that VEVIDA can pay out 30 days after receipt of the amount.

  • Per invoice

    Would you like to receive an invoice for the extension of your domain or your order? You can. You will be charged an extra fee for this of € 6.30 (excluding VAT) administration costs per invoice. Furthermore, we will wait to register your new domain until we have received your payment.

    Would you rather save extra administration costs or always have your domains registered quickly? Then choose payment via automatic debit. Our customer service will be happy to tell you more about the payment options.

  • Reverse an entry

    If an amount has been wrongly debited from your account, you can have the transaction reversed within a month of the withdrawal date.

    You can contact the bank by phone to report the problem, and they will then reverse the payment. Within a few days, this amount will then be returned to your account. With some banks, it is also possible to indicate that a transaction needs to be reversed via internet banking.

Customer service

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