• Changing domain owner

    The domain holder is the owner of a domain – a unique place on the internet. For this reason, it is important that your domain is registered to the correct name. In business disputes, the ownership of a domain can have unpleasant consequences. Is the domain registered in your personal name, the name of your organization, or even the name of one of your employees?

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  • DNS and subdomains

    DNS stands for Domain Name System.
    This system contains a worldwide, decentralized database of domain names with a hierarchical structure.
    In the early years of the internet, only a few hundred computers were permanently connected to the network. Each computer had a unique name (‘flat name’) and an address in numbers. At that time, all the addresses and associated names were stored in a large text file with the name HOSTS.TXT.

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  • Domain cancellation

    We think it’s a pity if you want to cancel. But if you really want to, the fastest way is to do it yourself in MyVEVIDA. Go to Your domains to see when the annual contract for your domain expires. Observe a notice period of one month.

    Go to Help and send a new message with your cancellation to the customer service. The cancellation period begins at the moment that we receive your message. You can simply continue to use your domain until the end of your annual contract.

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  • Domain redirection

    Would you like a domain to redirect to another website? This is easy with our “Domain redirection” package. You can redirect your domain to your own website or to a personal profile page (for example on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Hyves).

    Order a domain in 3 steps through our website to be redirected. You can set the redirection yourself and change it as you wish in our customer portal MyVevida.

    Do you already have a domain under a different package that you want to redirect? Our customer service lwill be happy to explain how to do this. We also have a few examples that you can use to do this yourself.


  • Domain registration

    Register a domain online in a few steps. You can choose from the 40 most commonly used top level domains for your domain. If you already have a domain with another hosting provider, we can also move this for you.

    When you pay online, your domain is delivered immediately and is quickly ready to use. A move usually takes a few working days. We ensure that this does not cause any worries.

    Would you like to know more about registering a domain? Ask our customer service.

  • Domain transfer

    Move a domain online in a few steps. VEVIDA manages the 40 most popular top level domains worldwide. In the first step, we check whether your domain has already been registered. The status is then occupied. Click the Register button if you are the owner.

    If you have received a secret code from your previous hosting provider for your domain (authorisation code), you can enter it. This allows us to more quickly move your domain and prepare it for use. We ensure that this does not cause any worries.

    Would you like to know more about moving your domain? Ask our customer service.

  • Using a subdomain

    Visitors can reach your website using the name of your domain. Some domains also use a subdomain to show the same (or different) content to visitors. The most common subdomain is “www”.

    You can also set a different subdomain via our customer portal MyVevida. Go to the “Website” tab for your domain and click “Set host headers and subdomains”. Type the name of your new subdomain in the “Name” field and click the “Add” button. The subdomain will be ready to use after about 15 minutes.

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