• Access databases

    The use of Active Server Pages is supported in your package as standard. Of course this also includes support for Access databases. However, this is often very difficult, because a variety of factors become involved. To make the use of Access databases a little simpler, instructions are given below.

    Attention! Due to a bug in the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components, the component that provides communication between the web server and the Access database) drivers from Microsoft, we cannot offer support in case of problems with Microsoft Access 97 databases. We advise you to use Access 2000, Access XP (2003) or Access 2007.

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  • Microsoft SQL Server database

    Microsoft SQL Server, part of the Windows Server System, is a total relational database management package for data management. It is the foundation of modern e-commerce and business intelligence applications. Microsoft SQL Server can be used to develop and implement these kinds of applications very quickly. In this process, the software can grow along with the application. For more information on Microsoft SQL Server, please visit

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  • MySQL

    A database is a structured collection of data. It can be anything from a simple web shop list to a photo gallery or all of the information on a company’s network. In order to add data and edit the stored data, you will need a database management system such as MySQL.

    One MySQL database comes standard with the hosting package. An additional MySQL database costs an additional € 12 excl. VAT per year. You can add an additional database to your package yourself at MyVevida.

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