• Bankruptcy

    In case of bankruptcy, the trustee must make this known to VEVIDA, and is then responsible for the domain. The current client may then make no further cancellation or change. This may only be done on order of the trustee. The client may of course make contact for the technical support of the domain.

  • Becoming a client

    Register a domain online to become a client. In a few steps, we’ll register or transfer a domain for you. In some cases you will have to complete and submit forms. We’ll help you with this too.

    When you pay online, your domain is delivered immediately and is quickly ready to use. A move usually takes a few working days. We ensure that this proceeds without worries.

    Would you like to know more about becoming a client? Ask our customer service.

  • Changing address information

    You can change a lot of information yourself in MyVevida. Go you Your account to change your address, contact information or bank account. The changes are then immediately saved in our administration.

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  • Contract cancellation

    We think it’s a pity if you want to cancel. But if you really want to, the fastest way is to do it yourself in MyVevida. Go to Your domains to see when the annual contract for your domain expires. Observe a notice period of one month.

    Go to Help and send a new message with your cancellation to the customer service. The cancellation period begins at the moment that we receive your message. You can simply continue to use your domain until the end of your annual contract.

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  • Contract extension

    You don’t have to do anything to extend your contract. From the delivery of your domain you have an annualized contract. We extend it every year, unless you cancel at least one month before the expiry date. We ensure that your domain registration is also extended annually. You receive an invoice for the extension of your contract before the expiry date.

  • Contract transfer

    You cannot change your (company) name yourself in MyVevida. We have used this name to register your domain for you. You also receive invoices in that name. Would you like to change this and have your contract taken over by another natural or legal person? You must then both give permission for this with a contract transfer form. You must also use this form if you are having your personal contract taken over by your company.

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  • Death

    The owner of the website has died. How do we proceed now? Next of kin of the deceased must send VEVIDA a copy of the death certificate. Once we have received this, the domain can be cancelled or transferred to one of the next of kin.

Customer service

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