Businesses, employers and potential customers receive hundreds of emails in their inbox every day. Among all those emails, your business email address will stand out even better. Whether you have a company or are applying for a job; an email address with your own domain name has charisma.

Email Hosting

Your own domain name
Unlimited email addresses
Safe mailing
5 GB email space
1 mailinglist
Up to 3 months back-ups
Money back guarantee

Do you want a business email address? Then choose Email Hosting at Vevida. You get your own domain name, backups of all your mail and an unlimited number of personal unique email accounts. This way you can quickly create email addresses for all your employees. You also immediately have everything to use your business email addresses quickly and securely. You can visit your own webmail environment anywhere in the world. Set up your email easily on your phone or tablet and you can be reached anytime, anywhere.

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With your own email address you can make all kinds of creative combinations. These are some suggestions to get you started:


3.00 per month excl VAT

A lot of space and always a backup


Stand out in your customers' and prospects' mailboxes

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For example, you’re outside. You notice two similar vans owned by two local DIY companies. The first one says, but the second has written Which address will you easily remember and contact when you need some work done? Stop. We think we know. Don’t use hotmail or gmail for your business.

Take your customers seriously and send quotes and invoices from your business email address. A professional email address including your company name is much more trustworthy.

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Besides having a professional email address you also want to be visible online for your customers. Expand Email Hosting with our Business Card. We have developed this mini website (1 page) especially for self-employed and small businesses. Create a great contact page in just a few minutes and you’re online.

Online Visitekaartje Miniwebsite

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Do you need more space for your email? Then expand your package with the ‘Smart Email’ component. You immediately get 50 gigabytes of extra space. That way your mailbox will never again be full. We back up all your email daily. Easily restore your accidentally deleted email through our website. That way you will never lose important email again. No problem with Email Hosting at Vevida.

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A professional email address is of course not only important for business. As a private individual, you also benefit greatly. For example, applying for a job with your own original email address. Differentiate yourself form the other candidates who keep on using hotmail or gmail. It is also great to register your family name, and create email accounts for each family member. Mail with your own name.

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All your email is securely stored on our servers in our data centers in Groningen. Fully compliant with European GDPR requirements, so no foreign government is secretly reading along. In addition, you can securely send and receive your e-mail at Vevida via TLS (SMTP, IMAP, POP3). Since all your e-mails are transported with encryption, they cannot be intercepted and read by third parties en route.

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Do you want a business email address? Register now the ideal domain name for your Email Hosting at Vevida.

Why Vevida?

Choosing Vevida means choosing certainty, security and exceptional customer service.

We have an incentive to do the best we can, because you can transfer your unique domain name to another service provider at any time if you are unhappy with our services. We are certain that the superior quality of our products and service will never make you even consider this option.