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.website Domain Extension

Your own place on the web

You’re already on Facebook, and your organisation is also trying to use personal networks on LinkedIn to generate broad attention. However, nothing much is happening.  Why not choose your own .website domain name? It will make you more findable in search engines and you’ll reach a wider audience more quickly.

The .website extension is primarily intended for the non-profit sector and private individuals who are looking for their own place on the internet, but haven’t found it yet, for example because the .nl or .com domain name they want has already been taken. With the .website extension they can get online with their ideal domain name.

The good thing about the .website extension is that you make it clear that your organisation, family, (neighbourhood) association or educational institution can also be found online. For instance, a neighbourhood association can use the website to publish photos from their bingo night or an outing to an amusement park.

Classes (either in the primary or secondary school) can use their own websites to show their drawings, announce changes to the schedule, celebrate a teacher’s anniversary, upload videos for projects and share information about holidays and days off.
Sports clubs can use their website to publish results, team photos, team line-ups, cancellations and videos of competitions. They can also use their website to attract new members and to post changes to evening training sessions.

Here are a few examples of possible .website domain names:,,,, and

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