Vlaanderen domeinnaam

.vlaanderen Domain Extension

Show your connection with .vlaanderen

Sometimes there is good reason to be surprised that a certain Top Level Domain doesn’t exist yet. An example of this is the .vlaanderen extension. Fortunately, this has changed. The Flemish government has taken the initiative to register this domain name extension with the objective of promoting this northern part of Belgium even better.

Everyone can take advantage of the .vlaanderen domain name. This gTLD will soon be the preferred home for Flemish government institutions as well as businesses, makers of regional products and the entire tourist and recreation industry. Consider domain names like,,, and

With a .vlaanderen domain name, you also emphasise that you have your roots in this incredibly beautiful part of Belgium. Families with their own websites, bloggers, (sports) clubs, cultural institutions, charities, linguistic purists, bands and theatre companies: everyone has something to gain with a .vlaanderen extension.

You don’t actually have to come from Flanders to apply for such a domain name. The point is that you are promoting an aspect of Flanders. So if you run a website about vacation homes in Flanders from your house in a completely different country or if you supply local Flemish products, a .vlaanderen gTLD will greatly increase your online success.

Be smart and register your .vlaanderen domain name with Vevida before someone else has the same idea and beats you to it.

Tip: This is also the moment to register for yourself that ideal domain name your competitor has been using. For example, there are several combinations of “Vlaanderen” and “holidays”. Are you about to become the owner of You only get one shot. Don’t miss!