Trademark Clearinghouse

Link to this headingProtect your brand with the Trademark Clearinghouse

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is the worldwide database for validation and registration of popular brands. Registering your ownership rights with the TMCH is the first step towards protecting your name or brand online. It’s also a prerequisite for access to a new extensions sunrise period.

Link to this headingWhy register with the Trademark Clearinghouse?

By securing your name or brand at the Trademark Clearinghouse, you can prevent others from registering it with one of the new domain extensions. As over a thousand new extensions are on their way, this should hardly be seen as a luxury.

Once registered in the TMCH’s central system, you have priority entitlement when new domain extensions appear and gain the right to register it during the sunrise period. The sunrise is the period before the land rush and general availability. You’ll also receive an alert if others try to register your name or brand with a new extension.

registered-trademarkPopular labels and companies know the importance of protecting their name and reputation, and have probably taken steps to secure their own brands; after all, they can easily afford it. It costs €250/year to register your name or brand with the Trademark Clearinghouse and you can register for 1, 3 or 5 years at a time (€250, €750 or €1250 respectively). As not all the new extensions will be released over 2014 and the rollout will probably last several years, we recommend a minimum registration period of 3 years.

Please contact our customer services team (+31 50 2110100) for more information on the Trademark Clearinghouse. They will be happy to explain how you can register your name or brand with the Trademark Clearinghouse through Vevida.