.shop Domain Extension

Everyone shops online - in your web shop of course

Anyone who sees a .shop domain name will know immediately that it is an online shop: your web shop to be exact. A place where products and services are sold. Clearly!
For your customers, it can never be clear enough. Do you sell bikes? With bike.shop or bicycle.shop you show what you are selling instantly, and that they should go to you instead of the competition. A .shop domain name like this is attractive to anyone that has something to sell, wherever you are based. It doesn’t matter if you have a physical shop or simply sell the products from home. A .shop domain makes you stand out from the competition.

A .shop domain name can also be used to list all the shops in a certain region (Friesland), city (Rotterdam) or sector (audio-visual, auto, fashion, appliances, bikes, etc.). See such a site as a web portal. Retail chains can use the .shop domain name to highlight each of their branches individually.
While a .shop extension is useful to make yourself more findable on the web, you can also use it to protect your good name online. The past years have shown that this is no luxury. Domain speculators are only too eager to register popular brand names in order to sell them to the relevant companies for a high price.

Does this apply to you too? Yes! Do you have the barbershop.nl domain and sell hair care products and barber supplies? Then pre-register the barber.shop domain name. This is how you can protect your ideal online name, because there are plenty of competitors who would love to claim this name to benefit from the success of your popular domain name.

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