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.restaurant Domain Extension

You can’t make it any clearer for your customers

Child friendly. Arabian. Peruvian. Wheelchair accessible. The Happy Hog. The Carrot. Vegetarian. Rotterdam. Put a .restaurant extension after any of these, and you instantly understand why there are no less than four organisations that are very eager to administer this Top Level Domain. Fortunately for you, they are all planning to open .restaurant without limitation for anyone who wants this TLD in their domain name.

The most obvious category of entrepreneurs who want to use this .restaurant extension are of course restaurant or pub managers. This is a unique opportunity to combine your name with the .restaurant extension. It is also an excellent way to draw attention to your speciality: sushi, French cuisine, Asian, exclusive, etc.

You can also stand out by directly indicating in the new domain name that your pub/restaurant is wheelchair accessible or child-free or perfect for those over 50. Give a category and your target clientele is clear. Are you jealous of the cool name that another restaurant has? This is your chance: register that name yourself with the .restaurant extension after it. Likewise, consider that your competitor might have the same plan and have their eye on your original name. This means that it’s a good idea to register a .restaurant as well as your current .nl or .com, before someone else does.

Aside from restaurants, there are plenty of others who can benefit from a .restaurant extension. If you supply fresh produce to restaurants on a daily basis, then a .restaurant domain name will also work to your advantage. This actually applies to all suppliers, from kitchen islands to pots and pans, from chairs to tablecloths, from drinks to serviettes and soap for the washrooms. Suppliers also need to protect their good name by applying for their own .restaurant domain name before the competition does.

The .restaurant extension is not live yet. But you can already have it pre-registered through Vevida. You are not under any obligation in this phase. You are only indicating that you are interested. We’ll keep you informed in the coming months. As soon as the rollout and the price of the extension are known, we will contact you. If you are still interested then, we will try to register your new domain name. This is done on a first come, first serve basis.

Take action and pre-register your .restaurant domain name with Vevida now.