.online Domain Extension

For your own place on the web

We’re online all the time… everywhere… We tell the whole world about it via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, our blogs and websites. You can go a step further with your own .online domain name. You can use this to turn a Facebook page about crochet that has become popular into a real website, where aside from giving interesting facts and practical tips, you can also offer your desirable creations for sale. From being a hobbyist you’re suddenly a businesswoman just like that.

If, as an entrepreneur, you think  that a .online domain name is not for you after reading the example above, you might be mistaken. The .online extension is excellent for business use. You do need to see the possibilities. Are you a car dealer? Then your first choice might be to register auto.nl or auto.com, but these have already been taken. Perhaps you have a chance of getting auto.online.

If you are considering expanding from your physical running clothing and accessories shop to a web shop, then this is also a good time to pre-register your .online domain name. Take everythingforrunning.online for example. If you think about it a little bit, you can see for yourself the thousands of combinations that will soon be possible.

The nice thing about .online domain names is that they are so broadly applicable. Clubs can use a .online domain name to create a website where their members can go for information about trainers, training sessions, competitions, holidays, team line-ups, just to mention a few examples. In this way, the .online domain name can also play a role in recruiting new members.

For educational institutions this is the prime opportunity to finally register their own name properly. There are now so many primary schools named Maxima that there is no hope of getting a queenmaxima.nl or maximaschool.nl. But maximaschool.online will be available soon.

The administrator of the .online extension wants to create new space on the internet that overflows with innovation, ideas and energy.

It is not clear when the .online extension will go live. Nothing about the price is known yet either. But you can already pre-register your .online domain name with Vevida. Free and with no obligation. We will contact you as soon as .online goes live and the price is known. If you are still interested then, we will try to register your new domain name. This is done on a first come, first serve basis.

Pre-register your .online domain name with Vevida now.