How does pre-registration work?

Link to this headingRollout of 600 new extensions

Exciting times are ahead for domain names. We’ll be getting no less than 600 new extensions over 2014 and 2015, from .app to .shop. This gives you plenty of opportunity to register the perfect domain name now. All the new extensions will be available from Vevida.
There’s still a lot of uncertainty around the launch. We know the domain extensions (or TLDs) will be introduced in phases, with the launch itself taking place in three: sunrise, land rush and general availability. We’ll keep you up to date through our website and newsletter.


Link to this headingPHASE 1: Sunrise

The introduction of a new domain extension always begins with the sunrise period. This lasts thirty days and gives the big players a chance to protect their brand names by making the first requests for a new extension.
Brand owners do need to be registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) for this though. The publisher of a new domain extension determines what will happen in the event of competing requests.
If brand owners (registered with the TMCH) choose not to take advantage of the sunrise period, they will receive an automatic alert if others attempt to register their brand name with a new domain extension.
Owing to an additional fee, the sunrise price for an extension is higher than those for the land rush or general availability.

Link to this headingPHASE 2: Land rush

During the land rush, an extension is made more widely available. If you’re desperate for a domain name with a particular extension, you can pay extra during the land rush to get your foot in the door first. Pricing can skyrocket over this period too, as resellers of popular extensions rush to rake in as much as they can. Having paid $185,000 for the reseller rights, their selling prices can easily reach tens of thousands of euros.

The registry will often divide the period up into phases, with price hikes between each one. Quick decisions can lead to higher costs compared to those who were willing to wait, though on the other hand you could lose the extension you had your eye on. Starting prices can range beyond €10,000.

Link to this headingPHASE 3: General Availability

From this point, anyone can register a domain name with the new extension, at a fixed price and on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Brand owners have no further exclusive rights at this stage, although individuals attempting to register a brand-related domain name will be informed of the potential consequences for the next 90 days. If they persist in their enquiry, the brand owner will be alerted to the fact. The brand owner may then contact the requester and point out the breach of their rights. This is known as the claims period.
Customers pre-registering with Vevida will be kept up to date throughout each phase.

Link to this headingPre-register with Vevida now

Would you like to pre-register your domain name with one or more specific extensions? We can help. You can check here for your favourite extension and pre-register it free with Vevida with no strings attached. We’ll let you know automatically once the extension reaches general availability, at which point the pricing will be announced as well. You can then decide whether to actually proceed.

Also, we can’t guarantee you’ll definitely get the extension you wanted, as there may be some pretty stiff competition. We work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so the instant a new extension becomes available we send all customers’ requests in the first few seconds. This gives you the best chance of success, but if it doesn’t work out we’ll refund any amounts you may have paid back into your account. The only exception to this is the extra sunrise fees; those are never returned even if you don’t get the domain name you wanted.