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.hotel Domain Extension

The ideal extension to stand out from the rest

The .hotel extension is one of the most obvious new gTLDs, yet it has taken until this year for it to come onto the market. A .hotel domain name gives all hotels – from luxury to basic, from large to small, from modern to homey – their own distinct online home.

To good thing is that .hotel can be used to create a web portal for all the hotels in a city, municipality, region or country. And of course you can divide this list into types of hotels, such as wheelchairaccessible.hotel, seniors.hotel, cheap.hotel, monastery.hotel, etc.
Unique domain names like these are easier to find and clearly indicate who your target group is. The visitors you want will have no trouble discovering your site. Don’t miss this opportunity. Are you a hotelier or do you run an industry organisation? If so, pre-register with Vevida and create your own worldwide platform.

With a .hotel domain name, you can create an excellent platform for your hotel comparison site, your blog about the life of a holiday employee in a hotel or your reviews about the hotels where you stayed during your backpacking trip through South America, Asia and Australia.

In any case, it is important to make your move quickly. We expect a lot of interest in the .hotel extension. There are almost 600,000 hotels around the world and even in a small area like the Netherlands, there are many with similar or identical names. If you have such a competitor, be smart and register your .hotel domain name before they do.

What’s more, domain speculators are always ready to pounce. They often target desirable domain names. The are all the more eager if they find that a brand or name or product has not yet been registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse.

It is not clear when the .hotel extension will go live. Nothing is known about the price yet either. But you can pre-register your .hotel domain name with Vevida right now. This does not involve any obligation for you. You only indicate that you are interested, and we’ll keep you up to date. As soon as the extension goes  ‘live’ and the price is known, we will contact you again. If you are still interested then, we will try to register your new domain name. This is done on a first come, first serve basis.

Pre-register with Vevida now!