help domeinnaam

.help Domain Extension

The ideal extension for easily accessible assistance

Do you work in care, can you be hired out as a man & van, are you organising trips for vulnerable older people? Then a .help domain name will be the ideal place for promoting and selling your services online. The new .help extension is ideally suited for organisations, companies and people who offer help or assistance to people in their daily life.

This extension is of course extremely suited for companies and organisations that provide paid-for daily household activities, care services, etc. With a .help domain name you will be head and shoulders above the competition in your sector. Your .help domain name will express the warmth, commitment, compassion and feeling innate within your company or organisation. And this is exactly what your target group is looking for.

The .help extension is also of interest to many self employed people who offer their services. The Netherlands is steadily moving towards a more participatory society, something the government is particularly keen to promote. There is an increasing demand for easily accessible assistance; help which people are prepared to pay for. Help from someone local, someone they can trust.

With your entrepreneurial spirit you would like to turn this opportunity to your advantage. You are offering paid-for assistance. You help the single mother looking for a babysitter who charges a reasonable rate. You help the older gentleman with his daily household chores. You help people with the gardening when they are no longer able but who wish to still enjoy its benefits.

The .help extension can also be used for setting up a portal with links to people, companies and organisations who offer their services, creating a platform where people requiring help can launch their search. One way of bringing people together.

It is still unclear when the .help extension will go ‘live’. However, you can pre-register your favourite .help domain name at Vevida now, without obligation. You only start paying once the price has been confirmed and you give us a definite go ahead. In the meantime, we will of course keep you fully informed on everything that is happening regarding the .help extension.

Can you use this online step up? Then pre-register your ideal .help domain name at Vevida now.