.gratis Domain Extension

A hypnotic attraction

Gratis. No other word has such a hypnotic pulling power over people. Write a hundred words randomly on a sheet of paper and it is ‘gratis’ we immediately gravitate towards. This is the essential attraction of the new .gratis extension which will soon be available for domain names. The smart thing to do is to register for a .gratis domain name now and advertise paid-for services on the same website. That is how it works of course, because as they say “There’s no such thing as a free lunch…” Your .gratis domain will provide a convenient source of access to clients: whether you are a lawyer, a consultant, sell cars, computers or indeed any product.

Whatever your activities, expanding your current domain name stable by adding the .gratis domain extension is simply just a very good idea indeed. Even if it is just to prevent others from hijacking your popular name and running with it and of course at the same time negating any risk to your hard earned income. So be sharp off the blocks and protect your name/brand/product with your own .gratis domain name. Meanwhile, have a careful look around and consider what the perfect domain name would be in your line of business and register this one for yourself. Be twice as smart as the competition!

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