.gent Domain Extension

For your connection to the city and region

Ghent is sometimes also referred to as Web Valley. The region is renowned for its high number of companies which are in one way or another involved with the web. It makes sense therefore that the Belgian company Combell and the local council of Ghent have got together to initiate the .gent extension.

With more than 250.000 inhabitants and the region’s bustling activities, a lot is expected of the new .gent extension. Of course there will be quite a number of .gent domain names which the local authorities will corral for their own intensive use. Ghent will utilise these for the benefit of delivering services to the local citizens.

There will also of course be ample opportunity for you to register your favourite .gent domain name. The combinations are endless… Are you doing business with companies in Ghent? Do you run a website marketing hotels in Ghent? Are you managing a page advertising the fun places to go in Ghent or the city’s most convivial bars? Are you writing a daily blog on your experiences in this East Flanders province capital? Or do you organise walking tours through the narrow streets and along the fascinating canals of the old centre? With a .gent domain name you will only emphasise your true connection and association with the city.

Carefully consider the possibility that you could also register the ideal domain name for your business with a .gent extension; a domain name which may be currently held by another party. Something that will certainly place you one step ahead of the competition. On the other hand, it also works in reverse. Perhaps your competitor is keenly eyeing your domain name but in combination with the .gent extension. You can take steps to protect your name/brand/product by registering it with a .gent extension.

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