jouw eigen .email domeinnaam

.email Domain Extension

A strong web address combined with smart email accounts

With the .email extension you can register your own domain name for the benefit of your own personal email addresses. An example: your company is called Sinteur. It would be infinitely practical to have email addresses which looked like Handy, as well as being very professional in appearance. With you will also be acquiring a strong personal web address identity on the net. In most instances, your name when combined with a .nl or .com extension will have already been claimed by someone else. If you are smart off the blocks, you can register now for your own .email.

The .email extension will obviously be attractive to everyone seeking a strong domain name combined with smart email addresses. This applies equally to the big multinationals (which require many email accounts) and SMEs (who go for practicality and ease of use). Independent entrepreneurs or freelancers can of course also benefit from this double spotlight approach.

Do you supply email services? The new .email extension is the perfect opportunity to let all your potential customers know that for this particular service you are the provider of choice, leaving the competition far behind you.

You are very good at what you do and you have a list of happy clients who are satisfied with your services and products. With the new .email domain name which you can now register at Vevida, your email service will have the prospect of attaining a truly professional gloss. Thanks to a clear domain name, everyone in your neighbourhood seeking an email service provider in their area will locate you a lot easier.

As a supplier of email services and software, you are well aware of how important it is to have the right domain name. After all, you selected your current domain name with great care. As an expert you will of course immediately recognise the opportunities and the risks associated with the arrival of the .email extension. This will be the way of positioning your online name. At the same time, you are well aware that strong domain names are popular with domain pirates and the competition alike. You will know that they are probably out there eyeing your brand/product/name in combination with the new .email gTLD. Something you will be keen to prevent. So avoid delay, register now.

Register your .email domain at Vevida now.